It’s common nowadays for people to prefer to work remotely. The popularity of remote work is rising because of the benefits such as avoiding traffic early in the morning and even to work for a company outside of their region. Remote culture is becoming even more common among software developers since this role usually doesn’t require people to be physically together.

Remote software development is a new approach that is been opted by many companies in the last few years. Although this is a good opportunity for many people, when we talk about high productivity and well-being we should learn how to handle some new approaches in this remote scenario. So stay here and keep reading that I’ll show you seven healthy habits I developed while working remotely that can make your remote routine better.

Always plan your next day

Of course we’re always looking for high productivity, but it’s normal to not feel like productive every single day and that could mean a lot of things but if you are feeling underproductive ask yourself: did you I try to plan ahead?

I usually take 5 to 10 minutes every day at the end of my day to:

  1. Recognize and write down all the tasks that I did not accomplish in my notes.That makes me aware of what I’ve done and I can actually measure my progress and better prioritize my tasks for the next day.
  2. List my tasks for the next day while being mindful of their priorities, and how much time they’ll require to get done.Planning out your tasks based on priority and rank allows you to focus on what matters most. On top of planning and ranking your tasks, knowing which tasks are next can make you think creatively about problems and solutions.

Rest before you get tired

Dale Carnegie already said: "Rest before you get tired"

A rested person can be more productive than a tired person. Actually, if you are tired you’ll probably lose your focus more easily because your mind and body are not rested.

Since you already know your tasks for the next day, you also know how much effort you’re going to need the next day, right? Besides, knowing the necessary effort you’ll need the next day can encourage you to sleep better.

Try to have at least 8 hours of sleep with no distractions like smartphones, laptops, or tv before going to bed. It’ll make you more focused and healthier.

Work from a comfortable workspace

A great advantage of working remotely is that we can actually work from anywhere in the world. Of course I have some needs such as a good internet connection and a fresh brewed coffee but the point is: the flexibility of the workspace can be ideal.

I always like to move to different workspaces because it makes me more creative and focused especially when I have other focused people around me.

A workspace can have a huge impact on my health and productivity and that's why I also consider a spot with a comfortable place.

I encourage you to choose different spots in your house or different places around town but also be aware about your body comfort.

Learn to better use communication tech

It's good to be alone sometimes, especially when I have to be really concentrated, with my earphones, trying to figure out how to solve my task challenge. Occasionally, I also have to ask for help or help my teammates with some obstacle or question, but we're far away from each other. That's why we always use communication tools like Slack, Google Hangouts and Google Calendar, which are great for remote teams.

We use Slack to call each other with convenient screen sharing features if needed. We also use Google Calendar and Hangouts to sync our entire team about our weekly meetings and to meet everybody online together.

Choose the tools that meet your needs and the needs of those among your teammates and use them with consistency. This way you'll achieve better communication between your team.

Keep a good relationship with your teammates

We're not alone in what we do. I mean, sometimes we can have questions or be unsure about a task. The thing is: we usually need our teammates guidance or their help to achieve our goals, right? That's something expected but how do you task them for help? Are you the guy who only talk to your colleague when you need something? How often does your team performs a task beyond the expectations that you've asked for?

There's only one way that you can make someone else do something for you: to make them want to help you, and that is not an easy task.

I really like to be honest and appreciate my teammates about what they do, their opinions, and their goals. I like to make each one of them personally unique for me. That's something really powerful and good for you, your team, and for your company. It's a win-win here.

Have a good relationship with your teammates, you’ll be able to reduce and manage stress as well as improve productivity.

Prioritize your important tasks

I usually define and prioritize my own tasks during the day according to my weekly plan. That can be a good thing, but also can be a bad thing if I don't prioritize things properly.

Usually I like to start my day by doing the tasks with higher priority in the early morning because I already know that I work better this way. It allows me to be more productive. Otherwise my agenda can easily get messed up if procrastinate a task that I should get done.

Do what you need to do without procrastinating, you'll be more productive with your tasks and more accurate with your schedules.

Regularly practice physical activities

We, as software developers, are constantly using our mind. At the end of the day I usually am drained from having to work with my mind all day. Because of that, I sometimes am stressed or lose sleep. Scientists say that people who regularly practice any kind of physical activity sleep better tend to have mental health benefits.

I like to play football and running. When I do some physical activity before starting to work my day becomes more productive and more focused, and when I do it after work I sleep better at night. 

Make physical activities a part of your routine. You'll have mental and physical benefits that will make you healthier and more focused.

Final Considerations

I hope that you can make yourself better by using some of these habits, but keep in mind that we as humans are constantly improving and making ourselves better. Always be open to new experiences and try them out, this way you could choose what suits you better and what doesn’t.

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