The economy is tightly connected with environmental conditions, and we can't speak about the business ecosystem without keeping in mind the environment that we live in. While many businesses are not directly involved in any operations impacting our environment, they still are part of the global impact that’s harming the environment.

Abnormally high temperatures, natural catastrophes, and poor air quality are only a few signs of on-going climate change that affects the environment. The scientific evidence makes it hard to deny that the changes are happening because of global human activity and can lead to irreversible developments that can leave Earth uninhabitable for future generations.

Our environment is fragile and human activity is driving it to the point of no return where climate change can not be reversed, endangered species can not be recovered, and people are left with no future home. While the idea of establishing life bases on other planets seems less fictional and more of a reality with every passing day, there is still much that can be done to preserve our own planet.

Business and technology are the forces that can impact the environmental changes on a global scale. With more and more enterprises joining social and environmental matters, it proves that the future of sustainable living is more promising than what forecasts are estimating 

Fortunately, there are numbers of startups and businesses that fully dedicate themselves to finding solutions to global problems, like plastic pollution, global warming, renewable energy, and others. We've picked 7 startups that are driving environmental change and leading the international business community by example. 

Skeleton Technologies

To give a very long-lasting life, instant recharging, and high power density, ultracapacitors or supercapacitors are two big names in the field of the novel energy storage world. These technologies have been in development for a decade but it developed rapidly in the last few years. These technologies are delivering economic benefits in the market of aerospace, automotive, motorsports, heavy transportation, etc.


According to a survey, about 40 billion plastic utensils are used and thrown out each year in the United States. By making edible cutlery, Bakeys provide the best alternative of plastic which is targeting about 1 billion customers. Petroleum-based plastic that is used by the public not only harms our health but it’s also a danger to the environment because these plastics contain very harmful toxic chemicals. Bakey's cutlery is made by mixing sorghum flour blended with wheat and rice. That provides a very healthy chemical-free alternative which is not only beneficial for human health but for the environment as well.

Cirrus shower

Through the pressurized mist, warm and atomized water system, cirrus shower not only give you a luxurious experience but it also has an Earth-friendly benefit as it uses 75% less water than an ordinary shower system, making itself a practical and environmentally smart choice. Water waste is an alarming problem for the majority of households and having such simple solutions like Cirrus shower can significantly reduce water consumption.

Pokeat by Trippro

In today’s era plastic use has been increased which is not only harmful to humans but also has a dangerous effect on the environment, so to reduce the use of plastic, Pokeat by Triprro makes pocket lunch box thats smaller than a lunch box, which can fit in a pocket or can take minimal space in your bag. It comes with its own folding DIY cutlery, buckle handle, food-safe and leak proof. So Pokeat not only reduces the need for plastic but also safe the food, which is another positive aspect of health.


Snact are making deliciously sustainable snacks full of taste and nutrients to tackle food waste. They’re a startup based in London, who made their 1st product by hand from fruit which they collected from a wholesale market. After facing lots of errors, they continued their product research and after some time they launched their 1st pack in 2015. This amazing idea allows them to preserve fruits in a different way to reduce the wastage of fruits, which not only reduces the demand for the fruits but prolongs the nutrients by preserving the fruits in a safe way.

Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming works in the field of agriculture by using a software system, automation technology, and machines to monitor plants and all the variables that drive their growth 24/7. As they control the entire process from seed to store, they use 95% less water, zero pesticides and give more productive results. They are doing their best to save water and to produce the crops or any other variables relates to agriculture without the use of pesticides.


Holagenix employs eco-friendly strategies to solve a pest problem. Pesticides are toxins that can harm humans, wildlife, and the environment as well, so they are offering an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. It replaces toxic pesticides with organic fertilizers and composts. The provider of plant probiotics helps to optimize soil conditions to grow healthier and more sustainable plants.

We are happy to see that there are companies and people who care about the planet and dedicate efforts to helping the environment to recover, where we don't need to worry about irreversible consequences. It's not an easy task for startups and businesses to combine purpose with the need to make a profit and yet, there are many successful examples that prove it is possible.  

Trio is proud to be working with a number of clients who have chosen to build their businesses around social and environmental purposes. With software development and innovative technologies, they are certain that the positive impact of businesses can overcome harmful backwash. Team Trio is happy to be part of the change by providing companies with software engineering talents that bring their innovative and transformative ideas to life.

If you are looking for a reliable and dedicated software engineering partner to help your business grow and develop advanced software, Trio is here to help you with that. Tell Trio about your project and discuss how you can make a change together.