Every year, Apple holds its Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC to showcase to its users the latest additions or improvements to their products. This year, 2019, was no exception as thousands gathered at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California to witness Apple unveil its new products and improvements. From software updates to additions to their various hardware products, below are the most important announcements of the event.

iOS 13: What’s new?

The latest update to iOS comes with a lot of features; some of them patiently awaited by iPhone users. To start with, there have been improvements in terms of performance to the operating system, with Face ID a remarkable 30% faster.

Apple has also been able to cut the download size of apps on the App store by 50%, and app updates size by 60%. A much anticipated dark mode would finally be made available on iOS 13, giving iPhone users the ability to switch to a dark theme on their devices. The update also includes smaller updates to apps like Maps, Photos, Memoji and the Keyboard which now allows swiping to type.

iPadOS: iOS 13 for iPad

To keep up with two-in-ones like Google’s ChromeOS tablets and Chromebooks and Microsoft’s Surface Pro, the latest iPad update would be coming with features that would make it easy to use as a computer. The operating system is now being called iPadOS.

Widgets can now be pinned to the home screen giving iPad users easy access to it. Multi-window capability, as well as multiple instances of an app, have also been introduced to apps on the iPad, giving users the ability to place, for example, two instances of Notes side by side.

Copying and pasting have also be made easy on the iPadOS with a three finger gesture. And the best of these updates is the iPadOS’s support for external storage devices.

macOS Catalina: Introducing Sidecar

macOS wasn’t left out of the updates as well. With macOS 10.15 you can now control your Mac entirely with your voice. You can open your apps, send messages, and lots more. This feature is available on iOS as well. The latest update also comes with the ability to make use of your iPad as a second screen for your Mac. They call this feature Sidecar.

Apple is also trying to make software development for macOS easier. It introduced a platform called Project Catalyst that allows developers to create apps for macOS from existing iPad apps. This platform makes things a lot easier for developers with existing iPad apps.

watchOS 6: Several health-related features

Apple’s watchOS also got a lot of cool updates giving its users more features to play with. New watch faces have been added, and each of the watches faces now give out a Taptic Chime on the hour. Unfortunately, there still isn't support for third-party watch faces.

Apple has also introduced a couple of health benefits and features to the Apple watch. A new feature called Activity Trends gives users a more detailed picture of their activities and things they need to do to reach their fitness goals.

There's also a new feature that informs you when your environment is loud enough to damage your hearing. For the women, the latest watchOS update also comes with a cycle tracker that helps with monitoring their menstrual cycles.

Asides all of this, there are also updates and improvements to the AirPods, HomePods, tvOS, even CarPlay wasn't left out. A new Mac Pro with very impressive specifications was also introduced, starting at an astounding $5999.