The leading IT outsourcing countries in Pacific Asia have faced new competition in the face of South American countries. Thanks to governmental support and technological growth destinations like Peru, Brazil and others have enjoyed speedy growth in IT outsourcing which may threaten the position of India and China in the market. 

Technology professionals have not been able to ignore the benefits of working with South American software developers. Excellent quality work, cultural affinity, and convenient time zones are just a few of the major contributing factors. 

The changing trends in outsourcing show that companies seek more than just a low price when they are looking to hire software developers. Outsourcing companies become partners in a business that actively participate in project delivery, advising and suggesting best solutions, establishing long-term relationships and collaborating as a team with the client. 

While the price of the service is still important, the benefits of working with South American software engineers make them perfect candidates and become more than just a third-party service provider. 

The cost

Let’s talk prices, as outsourcing has always been associated with cost-reduction. It is hard to beat low Asian prices, but the numerous benefits make American developers worth every cent spent. 

The average hourly rates to hire an experienced software developer in South America are between $30 and $50. But again, they can vary according to the grade of engagement. In a survey, it shows practically the same results as for Eastern Europe - $30-$50 per hour for a start-up grade, $50-$80 for a mid-market grade, and $80-$110 for an enterprise-grade. 

The hourly rate does vary depending on the skillset and seniority of software engineer that you are looking for but you can easily expect it to be 2-3 times lower than in the USA for the same quality of work. Being cost-efficient without sacrificing quality is what really makes South American countries strong competitors in the global arena. To hire a junior developer you can expect a price range of $35-$40, for a lead developer between $50-$61.

Of course, you can find lower prices like $7-$15 in the same region, but keep in mind that this might not guarantee the quality of the project delivery. When choosing a software engineer or a development team check the references, previous projects and see the work in action to make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. 

And the top countries to hire a software developer in South America are Argentina, Puerto Rico Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. These countries have shown the best growth and the most pleasant economical climate to attract the attention of global companies worldwide.  

Why hire in South America?

The South American technology industry is just as innovative and cognizant of the vast opportunities that disruptive technologies can provide and seek to capitalize on them. In fact, no technical challenge is too great for South America’s most senior software developers. 

There are highly educated software developers in this talent pool. In most South America countries, students have access to a free college education with several governmental programs in place to stimulate higher enrollment rates in fields like computer science. 

Both the quantity and quality of technology talent in South America have significantly risen over previous years. Now, with the number of experienced software developers still on the rise, the abundance of technology is one of the most prominent reasons to hire a software developer in South America. 

Like North America, South American culture is also westernized with heavy European influence. There aren’t any huge taboos in South America that do not exist in the North and vice versa, so you as a business owner looking to hire a software developer you don’t have to fear any unfortunate mishaps due to cultural differences when interacting with a South American.

Another benefit of hiring a software developer in South America is that a number of South American countries have surpassed China in English proficiency. Countries including Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador are all more proficient in English, making South America more suitable locations to hire software developers. 

Convenience is also one of the reasons to hire a software developer in South America. Business trips to South America are much more convenient as flights are shorter, less expensive, and the probability of experiencing heavy jet lag is low, as compared to flying to Asia. Thus, it’s much less of a hassle to make the effort to establish a real connection face to face, which is always a good idea for building trusting and lasting relationships. 

The time zone is another reason to hire a software developer in South America. While hiring technology talent and IT work to countries such as China and India is a viable option, there is one major drawback to hiring to such areas – time different. Having a similar time zone as that of your employee is much more compatible with the business for various reasons.

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