If you're looking to make a dating app like tinder then you have come to the right place. But I'll be honest, I think Tinder is played out and you can do better! All it takes is some creativity and understanding about what it takes to actually make your app come to life. A quick note: be sure to check out our 5-step guide on how to build an app. That being said, let's get into it.

Technology is rapidly improving, that should be obvious by now. These days it's all about optimization. Uber and Lyft optimize our transportation issues, WhatsApp lets us communicate, and apps like Tinder and Bumble help us find one night stands.

What made Tinder so popular?

The reality is that we spend most of our time online, both while at work and in our personal lives. These days people have become significantly busier, which makes meeting people in person much harder, especially for the ones living in the big cities. That begins to explain why online dating apps gained quick popularity among younger generations. 

Another reason why people opt to look for their soulmates online is that it creates a certain level of security. Dating apps like Tinder disclose information like location and contacts, from other users so that all communication can only happen in the app.. 

Where it was hard to make connections with new people, the technology is ready to give you a helping hand and provide convenient access to a pool of people who are also interested in dating near you. And while there might be a certain level of negativity toward online dating, Tinder remains one of the most popular apps to meet new people. As simple as a right swipe. 

I'd rather go to a bar. But more on that later in my upcoming top bars app developers go to article.

According to a 2017 survey, dating apps are expected to generate $3 billion in revenues in the US market. Research shows people are using dating applications more and more with each passing year. Let's take a look outside of the United States for a second. In Brazil, there is data that shows that one in five Brazilians have more than one dating app installed on their phone.

That means there is a lot of potential here! People are looking for love and we need to help them find it.

How does a Tinder-type application work?

If you are a non-technical entrepreneur, then you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a Tinder-type app. Of course, you wouldn't want to copy their model because then you wouldn't be any different. But breaking a competitors app down to its components can help you better understand your own building blocks.

Tinder seeks to match people with each other. A user looks at another's profile and decides whether they like them or not. Users sign up using their Facebook accounts. Tinder analyzes user data and offers possible matches based on location, interests, and/or mutual friends. This search is filtered by age range, gender, and a mile radius.

With the main characteristics outlined, we can dive into its features.

Main features

The following features and preferences have proven to be crucial for determining the success of online dating apps:

Login via social networks - Integration with Facebook or Instagram accounts for user information collection and profile creation.

Specific options - Advanced algorithms that define who, when, and to whom matches should be created (especially in applications like Tinder).

Find matching pairs - The use of search criteria to create more targeted and preferable matching.

Optimized choice - The ability to choose criteria and use filters (such as age, gender, and geographic proximity) to determine one’s perfect combination.

Notifications - The method with which users are informed when a suitable match is found for them. Notifications are also useful for keeping users up to date on the conversations they’re involved in with their pre-existing matches.

Profile Search - The option to explore multiple profiles based on preferences, view images, and browse through common friends.

Chatting - An essential private space for users to conduct more intimate conversations to get to know each other better and exchange information with each other.

Exclusion of abusive participants - The ability to stop conversations with annoying users (excluding the contact list) is necessary to make application members feel comfortable and safe.

If you are going to invest in creating a Tinder-type application, it’s critical to hire a dedicated team of skilled and knowledgeable developers.

How much does it cost to make an app like Tinder

The price to develop any type of application will vary depending on the desired functions and processes the app will utilize.

Here we cover some of the functionality your app may feature, but the options are endless. Developing a good application does not always require a gigantic investment. The important thing is that the project is feasible and profitable following its construction.

If you already know what you want to have in your app, but you have no idea of the price, spend some time formulating some specific questions and ask developers directly. However, you should be planning to profit from dating applications while understanding that many desirable functions for this market are free. If this interests you, read on.

How to make money with a Tinder-type app

It is essential that your application is attractive to the consumer, so the best way to ensure loyalty is to develop a good application. That is, it needs to fulfill the promises made to its user, be well-optimized, and feature a beautiful, easy to use layout.

If you build your app correctly, your users will quickly realize that the free version of your app will not be enough. Putting together an attractive and useful user experience and creating some exclusive mechanisms are the best ways to convince your customer that it’s in their best interest to purchase the premium version of the application.

All of these aspects are critical to determining the correct marketing strategy. It is necessary that your app, once it’s finished, reaches the right audience and provides a useful service to its user. After all, nobody matters more than the user.

To provide additional profits for your dating app in addition to premium version purchases, check out these other ways to generate revenues from your investment:

Subscriptions:Users pay a fee to use the app for a certain amount of time. Apps usually offer a higher monthly fee and a lower yearly fee as an incentive for the users to get engaged for a longer period of time.

Premium Plans:Users pay a fee to unlock additional features. Can be both a one-time payment and subscription-based access to additional features, like hiding distracting ads or background use when you close the application- music players are a perfect example. 

Ads:Application page space is offered to third parties in exchange for funds. The payment is usually based on CPC (cost-per-click), CPA (cost-per-action) or CPM (cost-per-mille or cost per thousand views) basis. 

In-App Purchasing:Users purchase application-specific icons, virtual gifts, smileys, and more. These are usually one-time purchases and monthly retainer model is not applicable here. 

Do you know of any other way to make a Tinder-type application more profitable? Do not forget to participate in the discussion! Comment and help us build collective knowledge!

Dating app difficulties

As the marketplace for dating apps grows, the potential pitfalls are also becoming more and more evident. To avoid becoming a negative statistic, you need to be aware of some factors:

It is crucial to constantly increase your customer base to ensure that the cost of application development is paid for and that you start to make a profit.

Often, Tinder-type application projects face problems of disproportionate numbers of male and female subscribers. Keep a vigilant watch on these statistics and act accordingly!

Most users of dating applications are not loyal; they usually use two or three such apps at a time. To stay relevant, you need to not only attract customers, but also keep them. Supplying a steady stream of new information and updates is a good way to keep users hooked.

Every investment has its risks, and dating apps are no exception. However, the statistics speak for themselves. More and more people are looking for dating options and the use of applications is a proven means to make this search easier and more fun.

The success of dating apps is global. About 80% of Americans who have tried dating apps say that these services are a good way to meet people. 7 million people in the United Kingdom are currently using online dating services and 5% of Australia's general population is registered with Tinder. The online dating industry costs more than $ 2.2 billion and is growing at a high rate.

If you decide to develop a dating app like Tinder, you’re giving yourself a great opportunity to make a profitable investment. Just be sure you understand the competitive environment and as always, do your research. Good luck! Tell us how your project develops in the comments.

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