Finding and hiring new members for your software engineering team can be a long and exhausting process. Looking through piles of candidate CVs, some are fitting and some are not, interviewing, testing, sorting out legal details and running background checks - that’s a lot. 

The whole hiring process starts with a simple thing as a job description. You have a need and talent pool has a supply of engineers, now you just need to find the right match. In reality, it’s not that simple and your job description is the cornerstone of the whole process - it defines what candidates you will attract and potentially hire in the future. 

A great job description is a way to attract perfect potential candidates. It should be informative and inclusive, which targets the right people to apply for the job.

Keep these points in mind while writing a job description:

Clear job title

Do not use irrational or non-traditional job titles such as “Rockstar software engineer” or “Unicorn App Developer”, these are unrealistic and sound confusing. Always try to choose clear job titles like “Junior iOS Software Engineer”.

If there are certain development or soft skills that you would like to see in the potential candidate it is better to add them to the main part of your job description while clearly stating who is the perfect candidate you are looking for. 

Detailed tasks description

While writing a job description, break responsibilities into short and clear job duties. For example, if you are advertising for software engineering jobs, instead of using an unclear description (e.g. “You will be responsible for the Software management”), describe specific responsibilities:

  • Write unit tests
  • Build and organize development workflows
  • Design and implement Spring components

Providing a specific description of responsibilities helps candidates to see if they fit with company expectations and evaluate the daily amount of work. 

Attractive compensation package

Potential candidates need strong reasons to leave their current job so describe benefits and perks in detail that comes with the job (e.g. Salary, Bonuses, Commissions, etc.) and also describe how this job contributes to the organization’s growth.

How often can your employees take time off? Can they work remotely some of the time? What are the terms of maternity/paternity leave? Are there company holidays and team building events? Does the company provide regular educational seminars and supports professional growth? All these and many other little perks can be the point that makes an amazing talent choose your company over another. 

Sell your company

Your job advertisement is an opportunity to offer the potential candidates a quick look at your organization's culture. Including links to that can provide an overview to your candidates about values, mission, vision, cultural aspects, presentation of the team and management and other useful features of your company. 

The realities of 9-5 work have changed and now people are looking for more than just a paycheck. This is why such companies like Google and Facebook attract so many talented software engineers to join their teams - the company culture is what makes these companies a dream place to work. And competitive salary, but above all - the culture and benefits that they offer. 

Avoid discrimination

If you wish to create a diverse workplace then you need to provide an equal opportunity for all potential candidates. You need to ensure the usage of non-discriminatory content in your job posting. This is especially relevant for tech recruiting such as software engineering jobs.

Relevant requirements

You need to provide relevant requirements for the job without demanding too much. For example, if you are looking for a candidate with 1 or 2 years of experience then you should not ask for 10 years experience. This will help you to get more potential candidates for the job.

However, if you need to hire for top positions such as area manager or senior software engineer you can ask for 10 years experience in your job posting, that are really needed to reach this level of professionalism. 

Structured Job Description

A detailed and informative job description has a well defined and simple structure. It is easy to read and understand. Bulleted lists and narrative-style paragraphs may be a good idea in this context.

A job description should clearly indicate what are company expectations from the candidate, what are the specifics of work, what the company is offering, and why candidates should join this particular venture. 

Avoid negativity 

You need to ensure the use of clear and positive tone, for example ‘’ candidates with experience less than 3 years will not be considered’’. This method will eliminate the unqualified candidates while keeping your image positive.

Do not hide anything from candidates

A well-crafted description is always instrumental in attracting quality candidates. You should make clear that which terms of this job are negotiable and which are not. This will save your time as well as make your hiring process more efficient. Do not pose that you are trying to hide something. 

Writing an attractive job description is only the first of many steps on the way to finding and hiring the best candidates for your team. After sharing it on job boards, with a staffing agency and/or on your website you will receive tens, if not hundreds of contacts of potential candidates ready to be tested and interviewed. 

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