Whether you run a tech company or have a one-time project that requires a software developer’s input, you know how long and messy the process of hiring and onboarding a qualified professional can be. 

Finding the right person for the job ensures half of the project’s success. Not only do you want to find and hire a skillful and knowledgeable specialist, but you want to make sure that this person is capable of working in the team, shares company values and is motivated by growth and not the paycheck only. People are the greatest assets to the company and just like any other relationship, employer-employee cooperation should benefit both parties in the long run. 

And what happens if you need additional software development talent for a one-time project without further commitment? Of course, there is an option to hire a freelancer or an independent contractor. Choosing to use freelance services in the gig economy doesn’t guarantee success either - it’s difficult to find the right qualifications, especially if you are looking for more experienced software developers.  

Don’t get me wrong, hiring a proficient software developer full-time can be a great asset to your company. After all, the knowledge and expertise that they bring in the company can outweigh all the cons of hiring a full-time employee, but finding a professional who is worth it is a big challenge.  


The economic instability makes it harder for small and medium sized businesses to guarantee long-term contracts with the company. Even if the employer wants to hire a software developer full-time, it might not always be a sustainable decision from the cost-optimisation point of view and cost is not the only concern here.  


The most glaring of all concerns related to hiring a software engineer full-time is the cost, especially for the companies that don’t operate in the tech department. The costs of hiring a new employee are not limited to salary only, they include tax, legal fees, pension contributions, sickness absence, office, and equipment, etc. The total sum with all the small expenses adds up to be a rather big investment for a company. 


Selection, interviewing, hiring and onboarding is a time-consuming process that could take weeks, if not months. In the fast-paced market where changes happen all the time, quickly respond to them is crucial. Spending a long time hiring might cost you a time-sensitive project, spending little time hiring might cost you an unsuitable candidate. 


Finding the right match is hard. Professional qualifications include much more than just a degree, it’s all the previous work experience, versatile knowledge, and expertise that the candidate can bring to the table, but talk is cheap - skills need to be tested so that you can confirm whether this candidate is a suitable match for your company. 

The alternative

As you can see hiring a full-time in-house software developer can be costly, complicated and time-consuming, but it doesn’t mean that your project has to miss out on new talents. At Trio we saw the problem that full-time employment creates for companies and came up with a solution. 

Trio offers small and medium companies experienced software developers on a project basis, thereby eliminating the necessity for them to go through a long and complicated process of hiring full-time employees for their projects. No matter how long or complex your project is, Trio has dedicated engineers ready to join you today. 


We’ve carefully selected, trained and hired a team of excellent software developers with diverse backgrounds that have successfully completed a number of projects. We don’t like to brag about ourselves but see what our clients have to say about us

On-shore professionals

Trio is a fully remote company that has software developers based in the USA and South America. The on-shore position allows us to work in the same time zones as Northern American clients and avoid the time gap that slows down the software development process. Operating remotely gives us a competitive advantage in pricing without losing high-quality work.  

Vetted developers

Hand-picked software developers. We don’t outsource the projects to a third party, you get to work directly with our employees. As a company that focuses purely on mobile and web software development, we carefully select candidates, test their skills and professional abilities before hiring them. Software engineers at Trio have worked on a number of projects and have proven themselves as highly-qualified professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about their work. 

Flex contract

The number of specialists working on the project may vary depending on its complexity and requirements, but one thing that stays constant is the quality of the product delivered. Customer satisfaction comes first and we try to keep our partnership as flexible as possible to accommodate the customers' needs without sacrificing excellent work. 

Rapid integration

Since we eliminated the necessity for you to go through the selection and hiring process, you can get our developers to start working on your project in a matter of days. Once the details of the agreement are settled, Trio software engineers will seamlessly join your project, without any disruption to your regular business operations. This is a perfect choice for companies that know exactly what they need and are ready to act on it fast. 

Cultural fit

When you are hiring third-party developers to enhance your project, it is crucial to make sure that they are on the same page with your company. We find the importance of same cultural views to be a great advantage in the development process because it minimizes the possibility of miscommunication, misunderstanding and therefore errors. 

When working with Trio you don’t simply get a third-party software engineering provider, you get a dedicated partner who cares about the success of your projects and involved as much as you are. The excellence in technological domain paired with the priority for customer satisfaction makes Trio the perfect solution to your software development needs.