Top Mobile Ad Networks

So your application is up and running and now you are looking to optimize your revenue. You’ve heard about ad networks before but you aren’t sure where to start.

Mobile ad networks are a popular and easy way to generate revenue from mobile application traffic. Once you start attracting users to your app, placing ads within it can generate a consistent revenue stream. 

They serve a marketplace that connects advertising agencies and developers or app owners. Advertisements themselves come in different forms - video ad units, mobile app display ads, and native mobile app ads.

In-app ads can be a good option for the applications that have recently been released and are still working on setting up paid features or subscriptions. It will start generating revenue while the work is still in progress so that you don’t have to wait. 


  • Most importantly - making money. And mobile ads have proven to be a highly-convertible method of mobile app monetization. 
  • Increase in-app purchases. Users who engage with advertisements are more likely to spend money on additional items within the app.
  • Improve engagement. Ads that are tailored to match with your app incorporate seamlessly and help user engagement and retainment. 


  • It can worsen the user experience. Mobile ads can be really annoying and interfere with app usage which may make users look for an alternative application in a worst-case scenario.
  • How much you earn depends on the quality of your traffic. It’s not just that you need to interest people enough to use your app, you need to target them right. 

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This is a simple, straight to the point list of some mobile ad networks worth considering.


Chartboost is a specialized ad network for gaming apps, boasting direct access to 800 million gamers through cross-promotional ads.

With their playable ads, users are able to interact with a free sample of the game. The data suggest that this form of marketing increases the conversion potential. This is extremely powerful that no gaming app should go without honestly. And as far as mobile ads go in the context of gaming, Chartboost is a strong option.

One thing to note is that developers get to keep between 90% and 100% of the revenue. So that is something to keep in mind.

Google AdMob

It’s hard for Google not to make the list considering they dominate the web advertising space. Combining the best-in-class ad technologies into one platform, Google provides a solid solution that scales easily and integrates well.

Google is fairly easy to use. They allow you to present your app in a number of different ways. Their platform includes cross-platform capability along with a number of other features including free analytics (which is great for reporting). You can learn more about their features here. offers highly competitive CPM payouts and is a very popular choice for mobile traffic monetization. It offers one of the largest pools of mobile advertisers in the market with a wide selection of contextual, native and display ads that are easy to implement. 

It focuses on offering simpler solutions to their clients and improving their ad performance and rising ROI through analyzing and learning from huge chunks of data. The relevance of ads is the key to better user experience and a larger number of conversions.

Before you think about mobile app monetization, you need to have a worthy application that would fit both market needs and provide value for the user. To develop such an app you need to combine optimized functionality and a sleek design with an excellent idea. Do you happen to have one? Trio has the necessary technical capacity and determined software engineers to make your idea a reality. 

The software development process may seem complicated at first, that’s why when partnering with Trio you don’t just get a development team - you get a dedicated partner who is involved in the project on every stage. We are proud that such amazing companies like Everyday Speech and Cosmos have already chosen Trio to be their partner in software development. Talk to us and let’s see how software engineers at Trio can translate your idea into top-notch software. 

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What are the top mobile advertising networks?

Chartboost, Google AdMob, are the top mobile advertising networks. They serve a marketplace that connects advertising agencies and developers or app owners. Advertisements themselves come in different forms - video ad units, mobile app display ads, and native mobile app ads.

What are the advantages of mobile ad networks?

Key advantages are making money, increasing in-app purchases and improving engagement.