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There are times when a generalist developer is not what you need. Over time software developers gain experience with working with certain systems to a degree that they are able to solve problems more efficiently than someone who has invested the bulk of their career in another area. E-learning tools are still in the dark ages, and follow the old “Click to Continue” patterns. A good developer will be able to help you find ways to innovate and push things forward, not just give you what you want. 

There are a few benefits to hiring an e-learning developer. 

Characteristics of an e-learning developer

There are many characteristics that separate an e-learning developer from their full-stack counterparts. 

While full-stack developers tend to be generalists with a slight lean towards frontend or backend, e-learning developers have a deeper knowledge when it comes to what makes e-learning software effective. 

This knowledge extends beyond software development and into child and/or adult learning, educational psychology, education, storyboarding, and design. 

Beyond deep institutional knowledge, an e-learning developer will also be passionate about testing, evaluating, and maintaining their products as well as researching what other products are doing in order to build better products. 

Some e-learning developers may even have experience using authoring tools such as Lectora, Storyline, Rise, Captivate, Camtasia, or Vyond to develop interactive multimedia learning modules for your organization.

At Trio, we have clients in the ed-tech space and our developers are trained to handle e-learning projects with an exceptional level of professionalism. 

Specialized insights and experience with UX

This is an underrated value-add when it comes to assessing a developer’s ability to contribute to the growth of your product. 

Would you rather have a developer that just does what you tell them to do without asking questions, or one that is able to put your ideas to the fire and offer up their own insights? 

Consider the scenario with implementing a course navigation feature that allows users to see where they are in the course and allow them to navigate through various other components related to the lesson.

There are so many ways to go about developing this feature, but only a few ways in which a user would prefer to interact with it. 

A developer with experience working with e-learning products will most likely have some insights to share from research and feedback from the past. 

Perhaps the navigation system initially proposed is overly complex and the developer will know this and offer a more lean solution. 

The last thing you want is a yes man, that builds the wrong thing simply because you thought it was the right thing. 

Experience with classic features and integrations

There are a couple of different approaches to building e-learning applications. 

There are self-paced e-learning and instructor-led / facilitated e-learning models. The features are highly dependent on the model, for example, an instructor-led model will most likely need communication features such as chat, messaging, discussion boards, audio and video conferencing along with other ways to increase interactivity. 

These features can be either developed natively or leveraged with integrations. E-learning developers will have the ability to help you design the best solution depending on your short and long-term goals. 

All web-based training and education products tend to use features and capabilities based on what has worked in the past. 

For e-learning, we see the value in video content delivery and the ability to offer micro-features such as 2x speed and such. Additionally, an e-learning developer will have knowledge and experience in working with particular integrations that have made building an application much easier. 

When it comes to interactive features, this requires a certain level of experience to create efficient and scalable solutions across the codebase of an application. 

Developers with a background in interactive applications are far more suited to building these types of features than a generalist. 

Building specialized products requires specialized skills, and Trio has the talent to fulfill your development needs.

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