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Unlike many technologies today, games do not discriminate against any generation. They bring joy to people of all ages, genders, and demographics. 

Baby boomers had Atari and arcades. Millennials – who grew up in a digital revolution of sorts – had everything from Game Boy to Playstation. Even Gen Z has the best versions of the oldest games and a Nintendo Switch to play them. 

Now, with mobile phones becoming an almost standard accessory to the pocket and purse of nearly every individual, games have yet another platform. 

Whether they be on smartphones, computers, or a sleek and shiny counsel, games are nowhere near outdated. And the game development industry continues to thrive.

Given this popularity, businesses should be all the more interested in investing in game development long-term. 

What Is Game Development?

Game development is the act of creating, designing and programming games. A game is any scenario in which a player can interact with content in a meaningful enough way to manipulate elements. There are many steps in the game development process.

First of all, somebody must come up with a concept. This can vary in difficulty depending on the complexity of the game. Some games are heavy on the plot while others focus on action. Many games find a balance between these two qualities. 

For the actual gameplay, game developers have a variety of options. For example, developers can make a mere 2D game with side-to-side play or something more immersive like a first or third-person shooter.

Game developers will usually have a storyboard at this junction. Storyboarding is where creative professionals sketch out ideas for characters and scenes. These characters and scenes typically involve certain challenges. 

Along the way, game developers must think of how reward systems, level particulars, and player engagement works inside the game. 

After coming up with the story, developers must design, build, and test the game. This involves working with the mechanics of the game via programming and live video gameplay. Finally, developers release the final product. 

Games are often developed by large studios. But single individuals make games as well. Game developers use game development engines, usually referred to as game engines, to build games. 

Unity and Buildbox are some of the more popular game engines. Many game developers choose to do 3D modeling for different game elements like weapons and inventory items through software such as Blender. They then import their creations to Unity. 


What Is a Game Developer?

Game developers can be both front-end and back-end. They tend to be highly efficient programmers specialized in a number of computer programming languages. 

C++ is the gaming standard. It’s more difficult to learn than other languages. But many game developers are masters in C++ because it allows for more autonomy in game design as well as better performance. 

Many AAA game titles such as Halo, Far Cry, and Call of Duty are written in C++.

Java is a very versatile programming language, making it second in line for game development. Java is particularly useful for Android as it is the native language for Android apps. 

But Java is also similar to C++ and game developers may have knowledge of both languages for general video game development. 

JavaScript and HTML5 are helpful and widely used when it comes to games that are run on websites or web applications. In combination, they stimulate effects and enhance the appearance of a development project. 

It’s also worth mentioning that many modern games use a mix of technologies. Some games leverage popular game engines, and others write their own custom game engines from scratch. Far Cry is a good example of a game that used the Dunia game engine, which was created alongside the game itself. 


Game developers are responsible for gameplay mechanics, level creation, character building, audio assets, and of course, developing the story itself. 

Game development includes three principal occupations:

  1. Software engineers work with code directly and program the game.
  2. Content creators who are a collection of 2D artists, animators, 3D modelers, musicians, and writers who work to make the game more marketable.

To do this, they must make sure that all the elements and characters in the game look good and rather than merely placeholders. 

  1. Game designers have jurisdiction over the creative vision of the game and work with software engineers to see it through.

Why Develop Games?

If you want to develop an application and are not sure what route to go, games are a good start. In the past ten years, the industry has had exponential growth. There are a few factors that will ensure its growth for the future.

Larger Investments

By 2022, the gaming industry is expected to amass $196 billion in revenue. The video game industry has taken huge leaps throughout the years, and now millions are being poured into complex game development with a return twice and thrice the investment. 

Major tech companies are getting involved as well. Microsoft launched Project xCloud in early 2020, a video game streaming service. Google launched Stadia, a cloud gaming service, in late 2019.

Once other industries realized that the gaming industry is bigger than the music and movie industry combined, they wanted a piece of the pie. And you can have some too. 

Technological Progression

Technology is always improving for the better and some of the newest innovations over the past couple of decades directly contribute to the gaming industry’s growth. Virtual reality immediately comes to mind

With virtual reality, gamers can have truly immersive, 3D gaming experiences. This interaction can be developed further to include voice and gesture integration.

Merchandise Appeal

Fangirling is not limited to Twilight. If there’s a game, and it’s popular, cults will follow – the friendly kind, that is. Avid followers of any game provide businesses with an easy way to gain extra capital through the sale of merchandise. 

Consumer Base

Especially with the advent of mobile games, you see the market demographic for the gaming industry expanding. People from all avenues of life are playing games, young, old, even toddlers with iPads. 

The bottom line is that the video game industry is growing with no end in sight. You don’t need to pour millions into game development at first, but you could get millions back whichever way. 

Advantages of Game Development

You already know that game development is a growing industry. But what makes being part of that industry desirable for your business.


Many of the most popular game engines are free leaving beginner and expert game developers to use the environment as they like. There is often a catch though, but a reasonable one. 

For example, Unity has a personal and professional version. After a business makes more than $100K a year off their Unity game, they must start paying for Unity Pro at $125/month. 

Startup Friendly

You learned earlier that some people choose to build games all by themselves. Now, this isn’t necessarily a recommendation. But if one person can develop a whole game on their own then a few good men – or rather, a few choice game developers – can get you where you need to be.

Transferable Skills

Game development requires many of the same skills as any other type of development. When skills are transferable, not only do you have more flexibility when managing your expectations for developers but you’ll also have a larger pool of applicants. 

Companies That Use Game Development

  • Electronic Arts
  • Nintendo
  • Valve Corporation
  • Rockstar Games
  • Ubisoft
  • BioWare

Reasons to Hire a Game Developer

Game development is a long and complex process. With an industry of this size, there’s no question that you’d want to leave game development up to extremely dedicated and talented professionals. 

Keep in mind that game development actually takes place in several stages: planning; pre-production; production; testing; pre-launch; launch; and post-production. 

Every other stage is loaded with testing for bugs. Not to mention, the game design itself, figuring out mechanics, modeling, and prototypes.

The fewer people you have on your team, the greater workload you’ll have for yourself. At the same time, this means you’ll have more stress and a greater chance of burnout.

It’s even more important that you work with people that actually know what they’re doing. This is the only way to get a worthwhile return on your investment. 

Hire a Game Developer

Once you’ve decided to tailor your business plan for game development, one of your first steps should be finding developers to close the deal.

Game developers are a general niche. And you might first need to narrow down what game engine would be most beneficial to you. Then you can find developers who specifically work with that engine. 

You’ll find the most luck looking for Unreal developers and/or Unity developers. Game developers flock to these engines because of their high functionality. BioShock and LaraCroft, respectively, are examples of their famous titles. 

A good way to vet game developers is by requesting to see a portfolio of previous games they have worked on and/or contributed to. You can measure the games based on performance and creativity.

How do you hire a game developer?

For those who wish to take the high road and hire game developers on your own, we’re still here to help. Hiring a developer on your own is a very focused and hands-on process that requires considerable knowledge about software development in general.

The last thing you want to do is trust your hiring process to someone with no technical ability. If you are a non-technical manager looking to learn a thing or two, we have a great resource here for you to learn more about the hiring process in detail. Otherwise, we’d recommend you contact Trio for consulting and developer allocation. 

What should you look for in a game developer?

At a high level you should a game developer should have the following skills:

  • Critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Proficiency in at least two game engines including Unity
  • An understanding of the development process for team-oriented projects
  • Expertise in programming languages such as C++ or Java
  • Familiarity with new industry developments like virtual reality

How much do developers cost in the U.S.?

Based on ZipRecruiter data, the average salary of a game developer is $101,644 annually. On one end, game developers can make as low as $35,000. However, they can make as much as $167,000 per year as well. 

How much do developers cost in South America? 

Due to economic differences between the United States and South America as a whole, the cost of offshoring software development is significantly lower than hiring full-time with U.S talent. For game developers in South America, the average salary is currently around $100,000 whereas a mid-level developer costs around $76,000. 

How much do developers cost in Ukraine / Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe shares very similar rates to South America, again due to the economic differences. When looking at salaries in Eastern Europe, data shows that a Senior Game Developer costs around $100,000 on average. 

Hourly Rates for Developers

Another way to look at developer costs is through hourly rates. While salaries are good to understand for hiring developers for full-time and long-term, you might just need a developer for a period of 3-6 months or 6-12 months. In these types of situations, it’s best to calculate your costs based on the hourly rates of a developer. 

Below is a table that lists the various hourly rates of developers in different locations based on their job title. 

Why Hire a Game Developer?

Trio game developers are pre-vetted, interviewed, and then trained further to become true software professionals, capable of adapting to situations that are both within and outside of the scope of their general expertise. 

At Trio, we hold our developers to a higher standard. Much like how elite special forces units recruit only the best from main branches of the military, we recruit developers who either show amazing potential or demonstrate exceptional skill. 

We then take their talents and sharpen them even further.

Another benefit of hiring a Trio developer is that you won’t incur the costs of hiring, which can add up to be around 30% of a developer’s salary on average, as well as overhead costs associated with full-time employment. 

By working with Trio, you can enjoy a highly experienced full-time developer for a fraction of the cost, along with the added project management assistance. 

To learn more, tell us a bit about your project and we can get started.

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In the same way, generalized software engineers flock to Stack Overflow, game developers have their own hubs for information. These include TIGSource, IndieDB, and Develteam. You’ll find a bunch of game developers there.

Simple. They learn the software. In general, most software developers like that being knowledgeable about programming doesn’t require a four-year degree. But this doesn’t mean coding is easy or that there are no credentials required. It’s important that you learn what to look out for before hiring just any developer.

It depends. Most modern console and computer games take three to five years to develop. But a mobile game app would only take a few months.

Every game engine has its advantages. Maybe it’s best to narrow it down to the most favored game engines – Unreal, Unity, GameMaker, and Godot. From there, you can do some private research and see what fits best.

Some Game engines are made to the effect that the user does not necessarily need to know how to code. However, most professional game developers should and do know how to code.

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