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There are times when a generalist developer is not what you need. 

Over time software developers gain experience with working with certain systems to a degree that they are able to solve problems more efficiently than someone who has invested the bulk of their career in another area. 

Healthcare-related tools require a certain level of understanding when it comes to compliance initiatives such as HIPAA and HITECH. 

Ensuring that your system is compliant is not particularly difficult or expensive. It is time-consuming, and so it is important for you to factor in the cost of compliance into your roadmap. 

If you choose to build your product using traditional app agencies, they by default will not take responsibility for building HIPAA compliance, and it will come at a premium in most cases. This cost will have to be built-in to their invoice. 

On the other hand, if you hire a developer, you will either have to factor this cost in the form of time added to development. 

The amount of time will vary depending on the level of experience the developer has with working with compliance. 

It goes without saying that developers with previous experience in the healthcare industry will ultimately save you time and add quality code to your system. This is what you want, but it might not always be easy to find. 

Trio has experienced developers that have worked with healthcare compliance acts such as HIPAA and HITECH.

There are a few benefits of hiring a healthcare developer.

Knowledge of HIPAA/HITECH guidelines for development 

Learning guidelines is not a large time commitment, it’s the actual components that web applications use that need to align with healthcare compliance acts. 

Not all of the applications will need to be in a compliant environment, and your developer should know this. Only the parts that use PHI will need to be in a compliant environment. 

Some examples of PHI:

  • Billing information from your doctor
  • Email to your doctor's office about a medication or prescription you need.
  • Appointment scheduling note with your doctor's office
  • An MRI scan
  • Blood test results
  • Phone records

Examples of non-PHI data:

  • Number of steps in a pedometer
  • Number of calories burned
  • Blood sugar readings w/out personally identifiable user information (PII) (such as an account or user name)
  • Heart rate readings w/out PII

Knows how to build HIPAA/HITECH compliant features

We tend to take certain features in applications for granted such as email, database/API calls, and even push notifications. 

All of these things can pass PHI around and therefore must be compliant. Again, a developer with experience can lock your application down to ensure that certain features are only implemented when needed. 

Building compliant applications require industry-specific knowledge and experience, and Trio has the talent to fulfill your development needs when it comes to achieving HIPAA/HITECH compliance.

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A developer with previous experience working with healthcare applications will have industry specific knowledge and experience and can help cut time related costs when developing compliant applications and featuers.

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