How to Hire JavaScript Developers in 2023

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JavaScript developers are empowered with the tools to make the internet dynamic and flexible. In other words, they use JavaScript to build web apps and websites with interactive content.

The invention of JavaScript was and continues to be a game-changer for front-end development. Whether or not you realize it, JavaScript developers are essential to the way you perceive the web today.

Thinking of hiring JavaScript developers? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading!

What Is a JavaScript Developer?

A JavaScript developer is a type of software developer. JavaScript itself is a programming language that does wonders in the realm of web development.

JavaScript is a scripting language for web developers to turn static content into live, moving pieces. That is, the minute interactions of a web page you see today, from scrolling bars to mouse clicks, are indebted to JavaScript. 

Since JavaScript’s 1995 inception, you can find the language working hard on the front-end of web development often alongside CSS and HTML.

What Does a JavaScript Developer Do?

The 2019 HackerRank Developer Skills Report found that nearly three-fourths of developers had proficiency in JavaScript. It goes without saying that JavaScript is a popular programming language.

With this many developers using JavaScript, there must be a good reason for it. So what does a JavaScript developer do?

JavaScript developers typically work on the front-end of web development. That said, the use of JavaScript is not limited to front-end development, meaning JavaScript developers can work on the back-end too.

Node.js, for example, employs JavaScript on the back-end. By using Node.js, developers can better utilize JavaScript’s ‘write once, run anywhere’ paradigm by deploying the language on the front and back-end simultaneously.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a JavaScript developer might include:

  • using HTML/CSS to design the structure of a web page
  • building user interfaces (UI) that correlate with user behavior in an intuitive way
  • coding software applications that adhere to project requirements
  • overseeing testing and finding bottlenecks in code

What Are the Skills Needed for JavaScript Developers?

A collection of web development icons, including JS, HTML5, CSS3, Vue.js, React, Angular, and others, arranged on a grid background with a pie chart and a line graph.
To do their jobs effectively, JavaScript developers must have a number of skills. 

The skills JavaScript developers need to do their job efficiently involve an array of different front-end development tools. First and foremost, all JavaScript developers should be familiar with CSS and HTML.

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a standard markup language for organizing web content on a page. It essentially allowed developers to present documents and/or text through a web browser.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is another fundamental building block of a web page. This determines the style and/or layout of the page. Fonts, colors, and spacing among other things are all determined by CSS.

These technologies play a heaping and helping hand in building front-end technology alongside JavaScript.

In addition to being sufficiently familiar with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, JavaScript developers should also have familiarity with the many frameworks that promote ease of development for JavaScript applications. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a JavaScript Developer?

Cartoon coins with the JavaScript (JS) logo falling into an open laptop that also displays the JS logo, suggesting monetization or earning potential related to JavaScript.
JavaScript developers make over $100K US dollars on average per year. 

JavaScript developers in the United States will make an average salary of $113,115,

on the authority of ZipRecruiter records as of March 2020. If you want to pay your developer an hourly salary, that’s the equivalent of $54 an hour.

JavaScript developers making the highest salaries earn $168,000. Those making the lowest salaries make $41,500. Typically, salaries are based on experience and expertise.

Outsourcing developers from outside the United States will guarantee less expensive pricing. However, doing this means language barriers and time zone differences will become greater concerns. That said, nearshore development can provide the best of both worlds.

How to Hire the Right JavaScript Developer?

Hiring the right JavaScript developer requires considerable familiarity with the in and outs of the language.

To ensure that you’re hiring a developer that can meet the requirements of your project, it almost goes without saying that you must have a pretty good idea of what those requirements are and how they should be met.

In other words, hiring a JavaScript developer might take a bit of research. Luckily, Trio is here with several resources to get the process started. First, check out this article on hiring remote developers.

JavaScript Developer Job Description Template

Just like code, job descriptions should be as clean and concise as possible. This encourages potential candidates to apply.

They know you have a good sense of the role as well as what you can offer them. The following JavaScript developer job description template will guide you through the first part of the hiring process.

Company Background

Use this field to describe your company’s mission and values. If you want an employee who is truly enthusiastic to be working with you, then you have to make it clear that you’re enthusiastic about your organization yourself.

Of course, don’t oversell. The most important element of any company is having room to grow. But also space to learn.

Still, let the applicant know in two to three paragraphs about the work your company does. Here’s an example of a Trio company background:

Trio helps you achieve your goals by providing you with hand-selected, qualified software engineers to complete your project on time and on budget. We believe small and medium-sized companies should have the same access to great software as big name firms. 

At Trio, our greatest assets are our engineers! We value their knowledge and skill set. As we collaborate, we grow from one another! Join us to discover opportunities for career growth and a competitive software engineer salary.

About the Job

Job listings should always take the time to leave a brief summary of the role.

Anyone who’s dipped their toes in JavaScript can technically apply. But you’re probably looking for something more.

Describe your expectations accordingly. But don’t make things one-sided. What can you offer?

Your job description might look like this:

Trio is seeking a full-time JavaScript developer to join a 100% percent remote team. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package. 

Ideal candidates should prioritize optimization and have familiarity with agile development. API design and microservices are also important to our company’s work. You should have expertise in these subject areas. 

If you are passionate about technology and would love to work in a challenging role, you’re in the right place!

Roles & Responsibilities

List the roles and responsibilities your qualified JavaScript developer should be able to do:

  • Write clean code with respect to proven and reliable design patterns
  • Write effective unit tests and integration tests to ensure high-quality software delivery
  • Leverage automation testing methods to increase test coverage
  • Promote consistent architecture patterns for design and development
  • Collaborate with the team to deliver high-quality products on time
  • Communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders
  • Manage your personal tasks and deliver code on time

Qualifications & Skills

Give a bullet point list of the skills and qualifications you’re looking for. This will appear like the following:

  • 3+ years of professional experience using Javascript
  • 2+ years of professional experience working with Javascript frameworks such as Vue.js, React, and more
  • 2+ years of professional experience working with Git version control
  • Prior experience collaborating in a team environment


What does a JavaScript developer do? Well, they use JavaScript. JavaScript is your go-to language for almost any web development project. In the same vein, having JavaScript developers on your team is not just a perk, but in some cases, very much a necessity.

But that doesn’t make hiring JavaScript developers any easier. Need a hand? Trio is here. We can lend you qualified JavaScript developers who have been vetted and interviewed beforehand. Click here to hire developers now!

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