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Nuxt.js is where software developers and marketers converge. They both want the same thing and that is effectively reducing the time between a user accessing an application and the content being rendered for display.

It’s easy to understand why software developers would want this. Performance and efficiency are almost inherent to the idea of coding in general, and speed is critical to that formulation.

The reason marketers – and specifically SEO experts – want this is a bit more complex. And single-page applications (SPAs) are partially to blame.

SPAs are web applications or websites that work within the webserver and don’t require reloads. Facebook and Google Maps are prime examples of SPAs where updates and notifications are sent to the user instantly.

The user especially is partial to the swiftness of such apps. Popular JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js specialize in SPAs. And in truth, any web application or website that experiences slow rendering faces the same issue.

The disadvantage, however, is that while users wait for content to load the first and only time, search engines are unable to draw the most relevant material from these apps. This makes advertising more difficult for web app developers and the businesses behind them.

Nuxt.js presents a solution to the problem by offering universal meta-framework. Let’s learn more about what Nuxt.js has to offer.

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What Is Nuxt.js?

Nuxt.js is an open-source web application framework built on top of Vue.js. Its key appeal is its ability to develop universal applications. Universal applications describe JavaScript code that can be executed on the client-side and server-side.

Server-side rendering (SSR) is the process that leads to this result. Also called isomorphic mode, with Nuxt.js developers can use a Node.js server to deliver HTML based components to the client without relying on pure JavaScript – which must be rendered on the client-side.

As a result, web pages will load faster and more completely, giving search engines the data it needs to put your web application or website at the top of user searches, given that you have the right content of course.

Typically, the implementation of SSR can be very difficult. But Nuxt.js takes care of all the complex configuration. That way, developers can just focus on writing code.

Another feature of Nuxt.js that makes it a valuable framework is static site generation. You can use static generation to make static websites that have fixed content.

Ironically, JavaScript was first praised because of its capacity to make dynamic websites, something that was once impossible. However, the benefit of static websites nowadays is easier rendering and therefore better SEO optimization.

The original authors of Nuxt.js were Alexandre Chopin, Sebastien Chopin, and Pooya Parsa. It was released in October of 2016.

What Is a Nuxt.js Developer?

A Nuxt.js developer is a web developer who uses Nuxt.js alongside Vue.js to develop web applications. Vue.js is a framework for building user interfaces (UI) and Nuxt.js was built on top of Vue.js to offer SSR.

Nuxt.js developers are familiar with classic web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML but work within the Nuxt.js and Vue.js frameworks. Both frameworks focus on UIs and client-side material thus a Nuxt.js developer is a front-end developer as well.

Why Use Nuxt.js?

Nuxt.js has a lot to offer. Many of its best features have already been discussed. But let’s review how exactly these features can help your business thrive.

Server-side Rendering (SSR)

Server-side rendering is probably the feature most relevant to your business growth. To reiterate, SSR search engines can better crawl the web for your content. This is because your data has already been rendered before reaching the client.

Quicker load times mean less frustrated users. It also means better marketing clout which can lead to more clientele for your business.


Pre-rendering is basically synonymous with static site generation. While SSR is one way to streamline rendering for your web application, pre-rendering does not require any input from the server whatsoever.

In static site generation, HTML files are generated as you build your project, so long as their static, and it does not need to be served to a client through a server. These files are not encapsulated as Vue.js projects but rather simply as .html files.

The con of static sites is less interactive content. The pro is search engines know exactly what it needs to in order to promote your content.

Automatic Code Splitting

Code splitting helps developers compartmentalizes different web pages. In Nuxt.js, this happens by default. Components are contained within the code. At runtime, these bundles can be dynamically loaded.

Advantages of Using Nuxt.js

Once you’ve decided that Nuxt.js is the way to go you’ll be happy to hear developing with Nuxt.js comes with some perks. Even the most skilled developers want to work with software that makes their job less strenuous. And Nuxt.js has taken on the challenge.

Speedy Development.

Setting up a Nuxt.js project can be done in a matter of minutes. Nuxt.js handles all the routines and configuration so developers only need to worry about coding. And the faster they code, the faster your app can hit the market.

Project Structure

Developers can control the code structure through several files, even in a small project. Assets, components, layouts, and what have you all have their own folders making organization a simple task. You can credit webpack for this modular framing.

Easy Transitions

JavaScript animations, CSS animations, and CSS transitions are constituents of a typical web application. The whole point of building dynamic web pages is to make things move and look pretty.

Fortunately, Nuxt.js has a transition element that makes it easy to create transitions between pages. Vue.js itself has a wrapper that handles animations and transitions in general.

Big Library

Nuxt.js has a GitHub compiling the most helpful modules and starter kits for you to create your app. Beginner developers and veteran software engineers can both benefit from this.

Websites That Use Nuxt.js

  • Ubisoft
  • Upwork
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Trivago
  • Rumie

Reasons to Hire a Nuxt.js Developer

If you’re planning to make an app, you’re responsible for figuring out how your app will support your business model, if at all. Another topic to consider is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is of the utmost importance to a business. This is because users trust search engines to give them the results they want. And this trust can lead directly back to your website. But this is only when your website is at the top of search engine results.

Single-page applications are making a lot of headway on the web. They’re easy to build, performant, and responsive. But there are disadvantages. Nuxt.js can address the problem, but you need a Nuxt.js developer to do so.

Hire a Nuxt.js Developer

If you’re already using Vue.js, Nuxt.js should be your next step to improve SEO for your business. SPAs are a useful way to get your business off the ground especially if you don’t have the budgets or resources for a standard mobile app.

That said, SPAs might be more trouble than they are worth if your SEO isn’t on point. In this case, hiring a Nuxt.js developer is the right decision.

How do you hire a Nuxt.js developer?

For those who wish to take the high road and hire Nuxt.js developers on your own, we’re still here to help. Hiring a developer on your own is a very focused and hands-on process that requires considerable knowledge about software development in general.

The last thing you want to do is trust your hiring process to someone with no technical ability. If you are a non-technical manager looking to learn a thing or two, we have a great resource here for you to learn more about the hiring process in detail.

What should you look for in a Nuxt.js developer?

Nuxt.js depends on Vue.js meaning many qualifications are comparable. For example, in addition to being familiar with the Nuxt.js framework, Nuxt.js developers should share the following skills related to Vue.js development:

  • Expertise in building front-end, user-facing web applications
  • Work skillfully at building modular and reusable components in Vue.js
  • Have a qualified background with JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS
  • Familiarity with the Vue.js ecosystem, particular the Vuex and Vue Router libraries

How much do developers cost in the U.S.?

Nuxt.js developers are in a niche market. In a sense, Nuxt.js developers are Vue.js developers.

It’s hard to tell whether or not Vue.js developers who specialize in Nuxt.js get an extra boost in their salary but generally, Vue.js developers make $116,615 per year according to ZipRecruiter.

Overall the salary of Vue.js developers can range from $43,500 to $159,000.

The image is a bar chart displaying the salary range for Nuxt.js Developers in the United States. The leftmost bar starts at ,550, with several bars of increasing height leading to the national average salary indicated as 6,938, which is the tallest bar. The range continues to the right with decreasing bar heights, concluding with a bar at 9,500. The Trio logo is in the upper right corner.

How much do developers cost in South America?

Due to economic differences between the United States and South America as a whole, the cost of offshoring software development is significantly lower than hiring full-time with U.S talent. For Vue.js developers in South America, the average salary is currently around $100,000 whereas a mid-level developer costs around $76,000.

How much do developers cost in Ukraine / Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe shares very similar rates to South America, again due to the economic differences. When looking at salaries in Eastern Europe, data shows that a Senior Vue.js Developer costs around $100,000 on average.

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Hourly Rates for Developers

Another way to look at developer costs is through hourly rates. While salaries are good to understand for hiring developers for full-time and long-term, you might just need a developer for a period of 3-6 months or 6-12 months. In these types of situations, it’s best to calculate your costs based on the hourly rates of a developer.

Below is a table that lists the various hourly rates of developers in different locations based on their job title.

The image is a table of software developer hourly rates by job title and region. It lists rates for Junior Developer, Software Developer, Senior Developer, Tech Lead, and Software Architect in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the United States, with the U.S. rates being the highest. The Trio logo is displayed at the top right.

Why Hire a Nuxt.js Developer?

Trio Nuxt.js developers are pre-vetted, interviewed, and then trained further to become true software professionals, capable of adapting to situations that are both within and outside of the scope of their general expertise.

At Trio, we hold our developers to a higher standard. Much like how elite special forces units recruit only the best from main branches of the military, we recruit developers who either show amazing potential or demonstrate exceptional skill. We then take their talents and sharpen them even further.

Another benefit of hiring a Trio developer is that you won’t incur the costs of hiring, which can add up to be around 30% of a developer’s salary on average, as well as overhead costs associated with full-time employment.

By working with Trio, you can enjoy a highly experienced full-time developer for a fraction of the cost, along with the added project management assistance.

Trio delivers top-tier software insights and access to South American developers. Discover our exceptional Argentinean developers, Mexican developers, and Brazilian developers for outsourcing success.

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