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Why write for Trio?

We are growing our blog and we want you with us! As a fully remote software engineering company, we focus on offering our audience insights about software development, outsourcing practices, technology advice for startups and businesses. We also create informative bios for authors with a do-follow backlink. 

If you are looking to work for Trio, submitting a guest post will showcase your expertise and contribute to the validation process. 

Our audience

When writing for Trio, please keep in mind the audience that we serve: it’s a wide range of professionals from high-level software engineers and project managers to C-level executives and startup owners. We aim to provide company decision-makers with valuable and reliable information on technological trends and best practices. 


The suggested topics include, but not limited to:

  • Software Engineering
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Tech Startups
  • New Technology
  • Remote Working
  • Outsourcing Practices
  • Tips and Tools
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology Advice For Businesses
  • Custom Software Development

Content distribution

We share all published content in our growing networks in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and company newsletter and we appreciate when authors share published articles in their networks too. 

General writing guidelines

Please take time to read through writing guidelines and make sure that your written piece is following suggested guidelines. Team Trio reserves the right to adjust or reject texts that contradict these principles. 

Content requirements

  • Article length - 1000-2000 words, If you have a much bigger piece for publishing, please contact our marketing team directly for discussion. 
  • Resource links - please don’t add more than one link to your website (except for resource links) and provide links to reliable sources for the data. 
  • Original and exclusive content - we don’t accept the articles that had been already published elsewhere. 
  • Make it readable with smaller paragraphs - help readers to find the most valuable information by delivering it in smaller chunks and emphasizing the key takeaways.
  • American spelling - though our content reaches readers in most remote corners of Earth, we stick to American grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. 

What we like

  • Provide value, insights - give readers useful information that they can take away after reading. We accept in-depth practical How-to articles, case studies, best practices guides. 
  • Practical advice - rather than going over generic ideas offer reader practical information and actionable tips they can implement at work and improve their business. 
  • Relevant images and screenshots to support your arguments - please avoid using stock images in the body of the text and opt-in for informative visuals. 
  • Link your data with reliable sources - use researches, overviews and trustworthy online publications to support your ideas and link to the data used in the text. 

Things to avoid

  • Promotional content - self-promo or advertisement of any kind will be rejected straight away. If you want to create a promotional piece, please contact our marketing team for further discussion. 
  • Content published somewhere else - we accept original and exclusive articles to maintain the high-quality of our blog. 

Plagiarism - we reject articles that didn’t pass plagiarism check.

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Our Developers

What is a Trio developer?

Trio developers are talented and experienced professionals that integrate and become valuable contributors to your team


Communication, collaboration, and integrity are core values

English Proficient

Can communicate effectively in English either written or verbal

Dhyego C.

Software Engineering Lead


Strong technical skills along with remote work experience


Always open to learn, grow and accept new challenges