What we do

About us

Trio helps you achieve your projects by providing you with hand-selected software engineering experts on-demand. Whether you have a one-time or an ongoing long-term project, Trio is your software engineering solution.

Trio offers Engineering Team Allocation (ETA) that meets the exact project requirements, bringing together the missing pieces of the business operations puzzle for companies without in-house resources. Our process is designed to seamlessly integrate a team of software engineering experts into your company without interrupting daily operations and allowing both to function harmoniously.

What we believe

Trio believes small and mid-sized companies should be able to build software as effectively and efficiently as the world's leading tech companies and that enterprise organizations should be able to innovate rapidly-- breaking the status-quo.

Trio believes that the impact of our relationships with our clients can drive innovations to bring new technologies that may reduce consumer prices, advance healthcare, change the way people work, and increase the quality of life around the world.

Software Engineering. By focusing on only software engineering, we accomplish our goal of providing effective solutions.

Trio aims to provide a space that creates tools, processes and a curated environment to empower software engineers to work more efficiently, enhance effectiveness and become world-class experts, while finding creative software engineering solutions.

Trio’s mission is to create an environment where software engineers from around the world can solve problems and deliver solutions impacting people across the globe.

About us

Our Core Values

Trio prides itself on its open communication between our clients and engineers to deliver high-quality software.

Perfection is in the details- Trio’s culture allows us to deliver unparalleled solutions while prioritizing quality. Our engineers are adaptive and able to deliver quality software in today’s rapidly advancing world of technology.

Trio’s passion for creating a collaborative environment, where engineers can share their wealth of knowledge with each other, is our greatest asset. Our community environment at Trio will shape the future of innovation through technology.

Global Impact

Trio is proudly headquartered in the United States. We recognize that true talent comes from all over the world such as Latin America, Africa, and the Asian-Pacific region. While most of our work is fulfilled in the US, we welcome global talent to collaborate in our community.

We encourage brilliant engineers from all over the world to join Trio and also welcome new professionals in our company. We are always looking to add more talent to our teams. If you'd like to join our company of an innovative engineers, please check out our careers page or contact us for more information.