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Trio focuses on finding the best Python Developers to deliver impact within your team. All of our developers are proven domain experts in their field. Companies choose Trio to scale their teams faster with best-in-class talent.

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Why Companies Choose Trio

Only Seniors


All Trio Developers are senior-level with proven experience.


7 days

to fill most roles, sometimes within 3 days.

Time Saved 

50+ hours

of time saved sourcing and interviewing candidates.



Our engineers stay on teams for 2+ years on average

 CriteriaTrioInternal HiringMarketplace
1Time to find a senior  developer0-3 weeks1-4 Months1-4 Months
2Recruiting FeeNone15%-40%None
3Quality GuaranteeYesNoNo
4Failure RateVery LowLowVery High
5Pre-Screened CandidatesYesNoNo
6Deep Technical ValidationYesNoNo
7Termination CostsNoneVery highNone

How does Trio work?


Tell us what kind of Developer you need

A Trio Partner Experience Manager will work closely with you to understand your technical needs and gather detailed information about your current team and


Work with hand-picked talent

Once our team has identified strong candidates that fit your team based on the details we gathered, we’ll present a list of senior developer profiles for your project.

Trio developer profiles are extremely detailed and transparent in order to save you time evaluating candidates. You’ll still be able to screen candidates before hiring if you wish.


Guaranteed excellence

As soon you review and sign off on a senior developer, our team will work with you to onboard and manage them for the duration of their tenure.

Our team is committed to delivering excellence as a plug-and-play engineering department that provides long-term stability and generates a positive impact to our partners.

What is Trio?

Only senior developers that deliver impact

Trio provides only the best senior developers across the most popular and stable web technologies. We focus on building processes that allow us to source, identify and manage senior developers that integrate and deliver real impact to your company.

Fully integrated, fully committed

Unlike freelance developers who do not feel the need to be committed to a team beyond their tasks, Trio’s senior developers integrate on a full-time basis and are dedicated to working with your team for the long haul. They collaborate in meaningful ways and understand how their work ties into the big picture.

Get more done with experienced developers

Our core strength lies in our ability to enhance your current teams with senior developers who have the experience and capabilities to drive your roadmap forward in a way that less experienced developers simply cannot do.


Trio operates primarily in Latin America which shares favorable time-zone alignments across the entire United States. You’ll be able to collaborate easier with senior developers that are available when you are, and eager to work with you remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trio’s senior Python developers in Latin America are truly exceptional. They are seasoned professionals who not only understand your business goals and product needs but also bring long-term stability to your project. Trio goes above and beyond by providing senior Python developers with the necessary resources and continuous training to enhance their skills and ensure their career growth over time.

The answer is a resounding yes! However, it’s important to be realistic and plan for an effective onboarding process. We highly recommend that engineers start the week after accepting an offer from Trio, allowing them to begin fresh at the start of the week. Our team of experts will be there to support you every step of the way, familiarizing themselves with your onboarding processes to save you valuable time.

Trio’s process is rooted in years of experience in scaling and managing high-performance engineering teams. We prioritize understanding your unique requirements to ensure we can provide the perfect senior Python developer for your team. 

Our meticulous interview process is designed to identify the signals that align with your specific needs. With an extreme level of detail and transparency, we present experienced candidates who truly meet your expectations.

When you work with Trio, you’ll experience the true essence of collaboration. Communication is our top priority, as we believe in delivering the utmost value to our partners. With Trio, you gain access to the finest senior Python developers in Latin America. 

In addition, our engineering managers are among the brightest and most passionate professionals in the field. They ensure that each developer allocated to your team is not only happy and healthy but also consistently surpassing your expectations.

Absolutely! At Trio, we understand the importance of dedicated support. Every senior Python developer is paired with an engineering manager, at no extra cost to you. These managers take responsibility for meeting the needs of both the developers and your team’s objectives on a week-to-week basis. While they support your project and engineering managers, their primary goal is to enable your team to focus on what truly matters – delivering new features on time.

When seeking a senior Python developer, look for individuals who possess an advanced understanding of the Python library and its ecosystem. They should be well-versed in best practices and have a solid grasp of core concepts such as state management, component lifecycle, and the virtual DOM. It’s also crucial to consider their experience with popular libraries and frameworks like Flask, Django, and SQLAlchemy. 

Look for developers who can write clean, modular, and reusable code. Strong problem-solving skills and meticulous attention to detail when working with designs are qualities that should not be overlooked.

Python serves as a powerful framework for building front-end user interfaces in single-page web applications and mobile apps. It has become the framework of choice for countless front-end developers.

Python is an excellent choice for web development due to its simplicity, versatility, and robust ecosystem. Its clean and readable syntax allows for faster development and easier maintenance of web applications. With a wide range of frameworks like Django and Flask, Python enables rapid development of scalable and secure web solutions. 

Additionally, Python’s extensive library support and strong community make it effortless to find resources, resolve issues, and stay updated with the latest web development trends.

The level of quality that Trio brings to our team is unmatched. We've worked with lots of different technology vendors, and no one else has been able to provide the same quality of work, while also working within our startup budget, that Trio has.

Brianna Socci

Co-Founder & COO of UBERDOC

Trio understands modern engineering which allows them to find high-quality individuals seeking opportunities to challenge themselves and develop new skills. Their engineers have the highest potential and have surpassed our expectations when taking the chance on them.

Brandon Chinn

Sr. Director of Product Engineering @ Tally

Trio is able to match us with the exact front-end and back-end developers we need. There's never been something we wanted that Trio wasn't able to deliver via their team. Their communication is excellent. They're prompt, clear, and highly available.

Meridith Harold

Founder & CEO of The Informed SLP

Trio's team has been outstanding when communicating with our team. We've worked with several of Trio's developers and each one was closely involved in all operations of our business, beyond just technological development.

Alec Harrison

Co-Founder of Visual Boston

Simple and easy. Always made themselves available. When questions would arise, documented options would be presented with pros and cons of each option. Made it very easy to work through issues.

Brian Kludas

VP of Client Success @ Axiom Sales Kinetics

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Dhyego Calota is a senior software developer with 12 years of experience in a wide range of projects and complexities. He specializes in software architecture, web development, and technical leadership, and is passionate about innovative solutions that drive business success. With his diverse experience and strong technical skills, he is a reliable and highly competent professional.







How to find and hire the best senior Python developers for your team

Python, a versatile and powerful programming language, is in high demand among companies worldwide. Whether you are building a new product, updating existing code, or expanding your development team, hiring skilled senior Python developers can be a challenging task. 

In this guide, we will provide you with valuable insights on how to effectively hire senior Python developers.

If you’re looking to scale your team quickly and safely, Trio can make the hiring process easier and guarantee the best senior Python developers for your team.

Python quick facts

Why Python so popular?

Roles and responsibilities of senior Python developers

Senior Python developers play a crucial role in creating and maintaining robust software solutions. Their responsibilities include:

Skills to look for in senior Python developers

When hiring senior Python developers, consider evaluating candidates based on the following essential skills.

Proficiency in Python

Candidates should have a deep understanding of Python fundamentals, including object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms. Candidates should showcase their ability to leverage Python’s syntax and features effectively to develop efficient and maintainable code. Their familiarity with the language’s idiomatic expressions and best practices demonstrates their expertise in Python development.

Frameworks and libraries

Experience with popular Python frameworks and libraries is a valuable asset for senior developers. Look for candidates who have worked with frameworks like Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, and Pandas.

Proficiency in these frameworks showcases their ability to build robust web applications, handle database interactions, and implement advanced functionalities. A solid understanding of these libraries demonstrates their ability to leverage pre-existing solutions and accelerate development processes.

Problem-solving and analytical skills

Senior Python developers need strong problem-solving and analytical skills to tackle complex challenges and find efficient solutions. Assess candidates’ ability to break down problems, analyze requirements, handle complex challenges and find efficient solutions.

Look for evidence of their critical thinking, logical reasoning, and the application of algorithms to optimize code performance. Their ability to approach problems systematically and generate innovative solutions highlights their problem-solving prowess. 

Knowledge of web technologies

Senior Python developers should be familiar with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as RESTful APIs and server-side development. They should understand how these technologies integrate with Python to develop dynamic and interactive web applications. 

Additionally, their knowledge of RESTful APIs and server-side development enables them to design and implement robust interfaces for data exchange and integration with other systems.

Database and data manipulation

Experience with database systems and data manipulation is invaluable for many projects. Evaluate candidates’ proficiency in SQL or NoSQL databases, as well as their ability to design efficient database schemas, perform data querying and manipulation operations, and optimize database performance.

Their understanding of database principles and expertise in working with data storage technologies demonstrate their capability to handle data-intensive applications effectively.

Version control systems

Proficiency in using version control systems like Git is essential for collaborative development and effective code management. Candidates should showcase their understanding of branching strategies, merging workflows, and the ability to effectively collaborate with other team members using version control tools.

Their experience in managing code repositories, handling conflicts, and ensuring code integrity demonstrates their ability to work seamlessly in a team environment.

Soft skills

In addition to technical expertise, senior Python developers should possess strong soft skills. Effective communication skills enable them to collaborate with cross-functional teams, articulate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, and contribute to a positive and productive work environment.

Their ability to work well in teams, mentor junior developers, and provide guidance showcases their leadership qualities and commitment to knowledge sharing. Look for evidence of their adaptability, problem-solving mindset, and their ability to thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative development environment.

How much does it cost to hire a senior Python developer

The cost of hiring senior Python developers can vary depending on factors such as location, experience level, and specific skill sets. In the United States, the average salary for a senior Python developer is around $131,000 to $145,000 per year. However, salaries may differ in different regions and countries.

Writing the best job descriptions to hire senior Python developers

When creating a job description to attract senior Python developers, consider the following guidelines:

Interviewing senior Python developers

When you’re looking for the right candidate, it takes a lot of time to review resumes and interview people. This part of the hiring process is crucial but also the most time-consuming.

Different companies have different ways of interviewing candidates. We have developed our own approach based on feedback from the engineering community and our experience interviewing thousands of developers.

The technical interviews can vary depending on the company. Some companies focus on topics like data structures, algorithms, and system design. Others prioritize practical knowledge of specific technologies and frameworks.

When it comes to assessing soft skills and cultural fit, companies ask different types of questions. Some take an analytical and technical approach, while others ask more intuitive questions.

There’s no right or wrong way to conduct interviews, only strong or weak indicators of a candidate’s abilities.

When interviewing senior Python developers, consider a combination of technical and soft skill questions. 

Remember, a candidate’s ability to answer technical questions doesn’t guarantee their overall performance on your team. It only shows that they have some coding skills with the technology being tested.

Advanced Python concepts

How would you handle memory-intensive operations in Python to optimize performance?

When dealing with memory-intensive operations in Python to optimize performance, it is crucial to handle memory usage efficiently. For instance, if you attempt to process a large amount of data all at once, it can overload your computer’s memory and cause crashes. 

A common solution is to paginate the data, breaking it down into smaller chunks that can be processed one at a time. This approach allows you to strike a balance between processing speed and memory usage.

By adjusting the chunk size, you can control the trade-off between memory consumption and processing time. It’s important to consider other technical factors as well, but managing memory effectively is a key consideration in optimizing performance.

How would you implement caching in a Python web application to improve performance?

Implementing caching in a Python web application can significantly improve performance. There are various methods of caching, such as in-memory caching using tools like Redis, database caching, and HTTP caching. 

However, it’s important to carefully consider when caching should be applied, as it may not always be beneficial. If the data is constantly changing, caching can become problematic. It’s essential to have a clear thought process and understanding of the scenario to determine the most effective caching strategy for addressing specific performance issues. 

Additionally, discussing technical scenarios with the candidate and asking for their input on the best approach to fix an issue using caching can provide further insight into their expertise in this area.

Why use Python in your application

Python has emerged as a powerful and versatile language in the realm of software engineering. Its widespread adoption in various domains, including software applications and web development, makes it an excellent choice for back-end development and REST API integration.

Known for its simplicity and elegance, offers a range of benefits for developers. Its clean syntax and extensive standard library expedite the development process. Python’s back-end capabilities enable the creation of robust and scalable web applications, serving as the foundation for seamless user experiences.

One of Python’s standout features is its support for building REST API. With frameworks like Flask and Django, Python empowers developers to craft efficient and reliable interfaces for communication between different software components. These APIs facilitate smooth data exchange and integration with other systems.

Python’s versatility extends beyond web applications. Its near ubiquity in scientific computing, data analysis, and machine learning makes it a preferred language for data-driven projects. The rich ecosystem of libraries, such as NumPy and pandas, further bolsters Python’s capabilities in handling complex data manipulations and analysis.

In the realm of software engineering, Python has garnered a reputation for its developer-friendly features. Its emphasis on readability and maintainability enhances code collaboration and simplifies future updates.

By leveraging Python in your application, you tap into a dynamic language with an extensive toolkit and a vibrant community of developers. Whether you’re embarking on web development or designing data-intensive software, Python empowers you to build robust and efficient solutions.

Hire senior Python developers

Hiring senior Python developers requires careful consideration of their technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and soft skills. By understanding the key aspects of hiring and evaluating senior Python developers, you can effectively build a talented team that meets your project requirements.

If you’re looking to streamline your hiring process, minimize time-to-hire, and reduce risk,Trio is here to help. Our expertise lies in identifying and recruiting top-tier senior Python developers who are a perfect fit for your team. 

With Trio, you can concentrate on what you’re truly passionate about—delivering exceptional products—while we handle the intricate task of selecting and shortlisting candidates from our pool of pre-vetted talent. We take care of essential administrative functions such as payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance, ensuring a smooth onboarding process. 

Our comprehensive 3-step interview process is designed to evaluate technical prowess and essential soft skills, enabling us to identify the ideal senior Python developers for your organization. 

By partnering with Trio, you can offload the hiring burden and gain access to our long-term talent management support, ensuring that you have the right individuals on your team to drive success. Reach out to us at Trio to embark on a seamless and efficient hiring journey.

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