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Why Companies Choose Trio

Only Seniors


All Trio Developers are senior-level with proven experience.


7 days

to fill most roles, sometimes within 3 days.

Time Saved 

50+ hours

of time saved sourcing and interviewing candidates.



Our engineers stay on teams for 2+ years on average

 CriteriaTrioInternal HiringMarketplace
1Time to find a senior  developer0-3 weeks1-4 Months1-4 Months
2Recruiting FeeNone15%-40%None
3Quality GuaranteeYesNoNo
4Failure RateVery LowLowVery High
5Pre-Screened CandidatesYesNoNo
6Deep Technical ValidationYesNoNo
7Termination CostsNoneVery highNone

How does Trio work?


Tell us what kind of Developer you need

A Trio Partner Experience Manager will work closely with you to understand your technical needs and gather detailed information about your current team and


Work with hand-picked talent

Once our team has identified strong candidates that fit your team based on the details we gathered, we’ll present a list of senior developer profiles for your project.

Trio developer profiles are extremely detailed and transparent in order to save you time evaluating candidates. You’ll still be able to screen candidates before hiring if you wish.


Guaranteed excellence

As soon you review and sign off on a senior developer, our team will work with you to onboard and manage them for the duration of their tenure.

Our team is committed to delivering excellence as a plug-and-play engineering department that provides long-term stability and generates a positive impact to our partners.

What is Trio?

Only senior developers that deliver impact

Trio provides only the best senior developers across the most popular and stable web technologies. We focus on building processes that allow us to source, identify and manage senior developers that integrate and deliver real impact to your company.

Fully integrated, fully committed

Unlike freelance developers who do not feel the need to be committed to a team beyond their tasks, Trio’s senior developers integrate on a full-time basis and are dedicated to working with your team for the long haul. They collaborate in meaningful ways and understand how their work ties into the big picture.

Get more done with experienced developers

Our core strength lies in our ability to enhance your current teams with senior developers who have the experience and capabilities to drive your roadmap forward in a way that less experienced developers simply cannot do.


Trio operates primarily in Latin America which shares favorable time-zone alignments across the entire United States. You’ll be able to collaborate easier with senior developers that are available when you are, and eager to work with you remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of React Native developers can cost anywhere from $41-$63/hr depending on their experience, seniority, and other factors such as english-proficiency, and communication skills.

We follow a rigorous process to vet a developer’s skills to ensure we hire only the best talent. Our process begins with pre-screening, an automated step to verify the candidate’s proficiency in English.

Following this, we conduct a screening to evaluate the candidate’s cultural fit, experience, and communication skills. We then assess technical skills through a take-home assignment where candidates build a new feature in an existing app, reflecting the daily work of our engineers and avoiding nonsensical algorithms or competitive programming problems. The solutions are reviewed by experienced engineers using a rigorous grading rubric to ensure consistency.

Finally, the candidate undergoes a team interview with two or more team members, discussing the take-home assignment, previous experience, and answering technical and behavioral questions. This stage ensures the candidate effectively combines communication skills with technical proficiency, cultural fit, and alignment with our values. By implementing this comprehensive vetting process, we ensure that we hire developers who are highly skilled, culturally fit, and aligned with our values.

We offer flexible hiring solutions to meet your unique project needs. Our  dedicated team model is perfect for long-term collaborations, giving you full control over the development process with our team working exclusively on your project. Staff augmentation allows you to scale your in-house team with our skilled React Native developers to fill specific roles or skill gaps. For those who prefer to focus on core business objectives while we manage the entire product development, our outsourcing option provides end-to-end tech solutions. Choose the model that best fits your needs and let us help you achieve your goals with our expertise.

We provide several payment options to ensure convenient and secure transactions. Our staff augmentation model charges based on the hours our developers work, typically on a full-time basis. Alternatively, our fixed-price model sets a predetermined amount for the whole project, ensuring cost clarity from the start and is perfect for projects with specific deliverables. Select the payment method that best fits your project’s needs for a seamless experience.

Our engineers are based in Latin America, typically only 1 or 2 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST), which facilitates easy adaptation to North American schedules and effective collaboration. In the worst-case scenario, they are within +3 hours of EST. By utilizing effective communication channels such as video conferences, messaging platforms, and project management tools, we ensure smooth cooperation and efficient project progress when you hire remote React Native developers from Trio.

When you work with Trio, you’ll experience the true essence of collaboration. Communication is our top priority, as we believe in delivering the utmost value to our partners. With Trio, you gain access to the finest senior React Native developers in Latin America. Additionally, our engineering managers are among the brightest and most passionate professionals in the field. They ensure that each developer allocated to your team is not only happy and healthy but also consistently exceeds your expectations.

Every senior React Native developer is paired with an engineering manager, at no extra cost to you. These managers take responsibility for meeting the needs of both the developers and your team’s objectives on a week-to-week basis. While they support your project and engineering managers, their primary goal is to enable your team to focus on what truly matters – delivering new features on time.

Our commitment to your project doesn’t end at delivery. We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure your product continues to perform optimally. Whether it’s regular updates, bug fixes, or new feature enhancements, our team is ready to assist you post-launch, ensuring your project remains up-to-date and functions smoothly.

We provide a comprehensive approach to monitoring and analyzing our developers’ performance. Our project managers select the best-fit project management approach to efficiently manage tasks, meet deadlines, and evaluate progress. We conduct regular code reviews to ensure high-quality code and adherence to best practices. Open lines of communication are maintained through regular meetings to discuss project updates and address any challenges. This ensures transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in the performance of our developers.

In addition, a dedicated project manager from Trio will assess results in terms of quality and speed. This process can be complex, so we provide experts who go beyond merely counting sprint points, which can be misleading due to inaccurate complexity estimates, unforeseen issues, and other blockers. You can also track performance using your own metrics and collaborate with a dedicated Engineering Manager from Trio. They will help you optimize performance and make necessary adjustments quickly, ensuring close collaboration and successful outcomes.

The level of quality that Trio brings to our team is unmatched. We've worked with lots of different technology vendors, and no one else has been able to provide the same quality of work, while also working within our startup budget, that Trio has.

Brianna Socci

Co-Founder & COO of UBERDOC

Trio understands modern engineering which allows them to find high-quality individuals seeking opportunities to challenge themselves and develop new skills. Their engineers have the highest potential and have surpassed our expectations when taking the chance on them.

Brandon Chinn

Sr. Director of Product Engineering @ Tally

Trio is able to match us with the exact front-end and back-end developers we need. There's never been something we wanted that Trio wasn't able to deliver via their team. Their communication is excellent. They're prompt, clear, and highly available.

Meridith Harold

Founder & CEO of The Informed SLP

Trio's team has been outstanding when communicating with our team. We've worked with several of Trio's developers and each one was closely involved in all operations of our business, beyond just technological development.

Alec Harrison

Co-Founder of Visual Boston

Simple and easy. Always made themselves available. When questions would arise, documented options would be presented with pros and cons of each option. Made it very easy to work through issues.

Brian Kludas

VP of Client Success @ Axiom Sales Kinetics

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How to find and hire the best senior React Native developers for your team

React Native, a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile applications has gained significant traction in recent years. With its versatility and wide adoption by numerous companies, finding and hiring skilled senior React Native developers can be a challenging task.

Whether you’re embarking on new product development, modernizing an existing codebase, or expanding your front-end team, this guide will provide essential insights on effectively hiring senior React Native developers.

If you want to add experienced professionals to your team, this guide will equip you with the necessary knowledge to navigate the hiring process successfully.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in exploring faster and smarter ways to scale your team, Trio is here to make all things hiring easy for businesses looking to scale their teams and focus on building amazing products!

React Native quick facts

Roles and responsibilities of a senior React Native developer

Senior React Native developers play a crucial role in front-end mobile application development, responsible for creating and maintaining user interfaces for cross-platform mobile apps. They possess advanced knowledge and expertise in React Native to tackle complex front-end challenges and deliver high-quality solutions.

In addition to technical proficiency, senior React Native developers are expected to demonstrate strong leadership skills. They should be capable of guiding and mentoring junior team members while effectively managing their own workload. Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate seamlessly with other team members are also essential.

Let’s delve into some of the key responsibilities that a senior React Native developer typically takes on:

The popularity and satisfaction levels of React Native have been consistently high, as indicated by the State of JavaScript Survey. Therefore, hiring a senior React Native developer who possesses the necessary skills and expertise can be a valuable addition to any development team.

Skills to look for in a senior React Native developer

When hiring a senior React Native developer, it’s important to assess their skills in various areas specific to front-end mobile app development. Here are some key skills to consider:

Attention to Detail

A strong eye for detail is crucial for creating pixel-perfect user interfaces that align with design specifications. Look for developers who demonstrate a commitment to crafting visually appealing and polished UIs, ensuring a seamless user experience.

State Management

Proficiency in state management is essential for building dynamic and interactive user interfaces. Senior React Native developers should be well-versed in using state management libraries like Redux and leveraging React Hooks to efficiently handle component state and data flow within the application.

Node.js Familiarity

While not a strict requirement, familiarity with Node.js can be advantageous for senior React Native developers. It enables them to utilize server-side rendering techniques to improve app load times and build more robust React Native applications that integrate with backend systems.

Proficiency in ES6

Senior React Native developers should have a strong grasp of JavaScript, including modern ECMAScript 6 (ES6) features. They should be comfortable using ES6 concepts such as higher-order functions, destructuring, arrow functions, and other language enhancements to write concise, maintainable, and efficient code.

Testing and Debugging

Assess their proficiency in writing unit tests and conducting effective debugging to ensure the reliability and stability of the React Native applications they build. Familiarity with testing frameworks like Jest and tools like React Native Debugger is a plus.

Collaboration and Communication

Strong collaboration and communication skills are essential for senior React Native developers. They should be able to effectively work within cross-functional teams, collaborate with designers and backend developers, and articulate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

By evaluating candidates based on these skills, you can identify experienced senior React Native developers who can contribute to the success of your mobile app development projects.

How much does it cost to hire a senior React Native developer

The cost of hiring a senior React Native developer can vary depending on several factors, including the location, level of experience, and specific requirements of the role. Here are some general considerations regarding the cost:


Salaries can vary significantly based on the geographical location. Developers based in regions with higher living costs, such as major tech hubs like Silicon Valley or New York, may command higher salaries compared to developers in other locations.

Experience and Skill Level

Senior developers with extensive experience and a proven track record may demand higher compensation. Their expertise in React Native and related technologies can contribute to the overall quality and efficiency of your development projects.

Company Size and Industry

The type and size of the hiring company can also impact the cost. Large tech companies or well-funded startups may offer higher salaries and additional perks to attract top talent. On the other hand, smaller companies or startups with limited budgets may opt for more cost-effective solutions like outsourcing or hiring developers from regions with lower salary expectations.

Outsourcing Options

Outsourcing to countries with lower labor costs, such Latin America, can provide cost savings compared to hiring locally. However, it’s essential to consider factors like language barriers, cultural differences, and time zone discrepancies when opting for outsourcing. 

Finding senior React Native engineers who have strong communication and fluent English-speaking skills will cost more than engineers with less experience overall.

Writing the best job description to hire senior React Native developers

The best job descriptions are straightforward with relevant details that allow candidates to validate themselves against what you’re looking for. You can use the following guidelines when building your own job description to hire senior React Native developers. 

Writing the best job description to hire senior React Native developers

The best job descriptions are straightforward with relevant details that allow candidates to validate themselves against what you’re looking for. You can use the following guidelines when building your own job description to hire senior React Native developers. 

Interview questions to hire senior React Native developers

Every organization has its unique approach to interviewing candidates, and we are no exception. Our methods have evolved over time based on feedback from the engineering community and our experience interviewing thousands of developers.

The technical interview process varies across companies. Some prioritize data structures, algorithms, and systems design questions, emphasizing high standards. Others focus more on practical knowledge of specific technologies and frameworks.

When evaluating soft skills and cultural fit, the questions asked by companies can vary widely. Some prefer an analytical/technical approach, while others rely on intuitive questioning.

It’s important to note that there are no definitive right or wrong answers but rather signals that indicate the strength or weakness of a candidate’s fit for the role.

In this section, we will delve into technical questions tailored specifically for senior React Native developers. For a comprehensive exploration of soft skills interviews, refer to our dedicated guide.

Remember, a candidate’s ability to answer technical questions provides insight into their proficiency with the technology being tested, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate their overall performance and fit within your team. It primarily showcases their coding capabilities with React Native.

Advanced React Native concepts

Here are some advanced React Native interview questions along with sample answers:

What are some performance optimization techniques used in React Native?

Performance optimization is crucial for a smooth and responsive mobile app. Some techniques are optimizing component rendering by using PureComponent or memoizing functional components, using the FlatList component for efficient rendering of large lists, implementing code splitting to load components dynamically, and using image optimization techniques like lazy loading or caching.

How would you handle offline support in a React Native application?

To provide offline support in a React Native app, you can utilize tools such as AsyncStorage or SQLite to store data locally on the device. By implementing data synchronization strategies, such as periodically syncing with a server when the network is available, the app can provide a seamless user experience even in offline scenarios. Additionally, handling network connectivity changes using the NetInfo API to update the app’s UI and provide appropriate feedback to the user.

How do you approach testing in React Native applications?

Testing is an essential part of the development process. In React Native, use tools like Jest and Enzyme for unit testing components and Redux actions. Write test cases to cover different use cases, simulate user interactions, and verify expected component behavior. Also perform integration testing to ensure smooth communication between different parts of the app, including API calls and data handling.

How does React Native handle bridging between JavaScript and native code?

React Native utilizes a bridge that acts as a communication layer between JavaScript and native code. JavaScript code runs in a separate JavaScript context, while the native code runs on the device. The bridge allows JavaScript and native modules to communicate with each other by serializing and deserializing data across the bridge. This enables React Native to leverage native platform capabilities while maintaining a JavaScript development environment.

Can you explain the concept of “Hot Reloading” in React Native and how it benefits the development process?

Hot Reloading in React Native is a development feature that allows developers to see the instant changes they make in the code without the need for a full app reload. It preserves the current app state, updates the modified code, and reflects the changes in real time. Hot Reloading significantly improves development speed by reducing the time spent on recompiling and reloading the app during iterative development cycles.

How would you handle asynchronous operations and data fetching in React Native?

React Native provides several options for handling asynchronous operations and data fetching. Promises and async/await syntax can be used to manage asynchronous flows. Additionally, libraries like Axios or the built-in Fetch API can handle data fetching from APIs. To manage complex data flows and state changes, I would utilize state management libraries like Redux or MobX, which provide mechanisms for handling asynchronous actions and managing application state effectively.

What are some security considerations to keep in mind when developing a React Native application?

When developing a React Native application, it’s essential to consider security measures. Some key considerations include implementing secure communication by using HTTPS for network requests, avoiding storing sensitive data in plain text, properly validating and sanitizing user input to prevent common security vulnerabilities like SQL injection or XSS attacks, and staying updated with security patches and libraries to mitigate potential vulnerabilities in dependencies.

Why use React Native in your application

React Native, the acclaimed framework for mobile app development has revolutionized the way we build mobile apps. With its unique blend of performance, versatility, and code reusability, React Native has emerged as a top choice for developers worldwide.

The beauty of React Native lies in its ability to leverage a single codebase to create apps for both iOS and Android platforms. By utilizing a native UI and rendering components directly on the device, React Native delivers a seamless and responsive user experience.

Developers can harness the power of React Native to build complex and feature-rich apps, utilizing a wide array of pre-built components and libraries. This not only saves valuable development time but also ensures consistent app performance across platforms.

The framework’s hot reloading feature enables real-time code updates, allowing developers to see instant changes during the development process. This enhances productivity and expedites the debugging phase.

Furthermore, React Native’s third-party plugin ecosystem offers a plethora of options to extend app functionality, from integrating with device features like cameras and geolocation to incorporating advanced animations and UI components.

When it comes to performance optimization, React Native’s architecture enables smooth animations and efficient memory management. It leverages the device’s GPU for graphics-intensive tasks, ensuring a visually appealing and snappy app experience.

React Native empowers developers to create high-quality and feature-rich mobile apps efficiently. Its cross-platform capabilities, native performance, and extensive ecosystem make it an excellent choice for businesses and developers looking to deliver exceptional mobile experiences.

Hire senior React Native developers – final thoughts

Hiring senior React Native developers can be a challenging and time-consuming process. As an engineering leader, your time is precious, and balancing between optimizing processes and hiring can be a daunting task. Context switching in such scenarios is not recommended when there are better alternatives available to find top talent.

Making the wrong hire can prove to be costly in terms of both time and resources.

To streamline the hiring process, accelerate your time-to-hire, and minimize risks, consider partnering with us at Trio. Our three-step interview process is specifically designed to identify senior-level technical expertise and assess soft skills, enabling us to connect you with the right senior React Native developers for your team.

With Trio, you can focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional products – while we handpick and shortlist candidates from our pre-vetted talent network. We take care of payroll, benefits, taxes, local compliance, and provide support for onboarding and long-term talent management.

Happy hiring and building great React Native applications! 🙂

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