Hiring Dedicated Software Development Teams: Key to Success in 2024

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A dedicated software development team supports your business by delivering high-value technology solutions at an expert level. 

According to a 2020 McKinsey Global Survey, 90% of executives and managers are facing skill gaps within their organization. 

Businesses are finding it more and more difficult to hire employees with the skill set to meet their objectives. 

The software development industry is no stranger to this issue. 

In 2019 alone, software developer roles were the most in-demand tech-related positions with 95,200 open job postings at the end of September that year. 

Technology companies feel this shortage through the lack of great software talent. 

On the bright side, dedicated software development teams are well-equipped to be the heroes in this rescue mission. 

For more info on how dedicated software development teams can enhance your business activity, keep scrolling!

What Is a Dedicated Software Development Team?

A dedicated development team is the metaphorical equivalent of a food delivery service that brings the meal right to your door. 

You get what you’ve been craving without having to talk to anybody, and you’ve surpassed much of the administrative tasks that are traditionally prescribed to get your stomach fed. 

Get the idea? In technical terms, a dedicated software development team is a pre-selected group of various qualified developers that specialized agencies extend towards your organization

By definition, this dedicated team is more than capable of developing software that meets project requirements, ultimately helping you reach business objectives. 

In using a dedicated developer team, you can successfully sideline a more strenuous hiring process of putting a team together yourself. 

You can avoid a plethora of job listings, resume readings, tech interviews, coding challenges, and hiring contracts by just hiring the right team off the bat.

This business model mirrors that of companies like Trio, which standardize customer satisfaction by providing human resources in the form of talented software engineers. 

These teams have already organized themselves to reflect the optimal software development team structure for building your software. 

Naturally, this includes the team members that stand adjacent to software developers on a functional team. 

For example, along with software developers, a dedicated project team structure includes, but is not limited to:


  • quality assurance engineers
  • project managers
  • UI/UX designers 
  • Business analysts

These dedicated experts have the soft skills to seamlessly integrate themselves into your business. 

And these skills complement the technical skillset necessary for project management and completion. 

Additionally, they acquire and utilize the best tech stack for the job!

In short, dedicated software development teams are a fine way to get the talent you need, efficiently and effectively. 

Alternatives To a Dedicated Software Development Team

There is more than one path to accomplishing business goals. Here are some alternative solutions for finding developers.


Much of the long-lasting hiring process can be foregone in turn for hiring freelancers. 

On the administrative end of things, this gives you much more flexibility with the hiring process. 

The flip side is that freelancers, given the nature of the title, are not dedicated. And you might consider it valuable to hire employees that share your vision. 

However, if getting the job done is your primary concern, freelancers might be the right fit for you. 

Fixed Model

A fixed model guarantees you get the technical expertise you want. But aside from that, your involvement in the project will be limited. 

For businesses that seek complete control over their products, this might be off-putting. 

The advantage is having your entire project handed to you on a silver platter without going through the hoops of hiring an in-house team.

Benefits of a Dedicated Software Development Team

A dedicated development team offers dedicated developers and lends a more comfortable level of control over your project. 

Of course, these are only two benefits of a dedicated development team. Take a look at what else a dedicated software team brings to the table.



Dedicated teams come as a unit from a reliable partner or software development company. 

Meanwhile, hiring employees amounts to an extra 25% to 40% of costs on top of the employee’s salary. 

From tax preparations to the business you’re losing every day you don’t have that role filled, the classic hiring process for an in-house team is treacherous, indeed. 

Hiring a dedicated software team circumvents much of the hassle and the added costs.

Outsourcing is also a popular method of hiring dedicated teams, often leading to an increased cost reduction and talent pool. 

In fact, South American outsourcing is considered to be a desirable region for software outsourcing. 

Though software outsourcing seems to be synonymous with Asian and Eastern Europe in this industry, other regions have their own advantages. 

South American countries share similar time zones to those in the United States, for one, resulting in fewer communication difficulties. 

Since the cost of living remains low in these countries, you can still reap the benefit of reduced costs without sacrificing quality. 

Reduced Risk

Your software development partner will have apt familiarity with the software industry as a whole. 

In turn, they’re able to hand-pick technical experts with a wide range of skills for speeding up your development process. 

Business owners who are not tech-savvy can jump in glee at the opportunity to evade a tiresome recruitment process for roles they have no experience in. 

Software development teams involve an array of responsibilities and abilities that you may not be able to describe or assess in detail. 

For instance, an agile software development team requires an in-depth understanding of important Agile principles like iterative development and feedback collection

You may have a Wikipedia definition of what that entails, but an outsourcing company or dedicated development company can identify those traits in a potential candidate. 

In this way, dedicated development team services can be a form of risk mitigation. You can rest assured the people on your team know their stuff. 

Digital Transformation

Sometimes, the most compelling reason to hire a dedicated software development team is to get hip. No, seriously. 

A lot of companies don’t know up from down when it comes to technology. And dedicated software development teams have the keys to the entire navigation system, so to speak. 

They can plug you into the digital tools that will prompt business growth, whether that’s marketing automation tools or a new user interface (UI) for your website. 

Staying upgraded and up-to-date with the technology that serves your business well is crucial to addressing consumer needs. 

Staff Augmentation

Plenty of businesses do not have the time or resources to augment their staff through job boards and salaried positions. 

This is where dedicated development teams come in. They’re easier to hire and manage. 

Dedicated software development teams are the custom solution to your business needs. But they come post-haste. 

They also come with tools and specialists that are paramount in managing a remote team, meaning your perfect team comes that way right out of the box.

While you maintain complete control over your project and have direct communication with the people you’re working with, the hardest parts can happen without you. 

How To Choose a Dedicated Sofware Development Team

Dedicated development teams are all over the world, but numerous factors influence how you choose your team. 

In any type of IT outsourcing, you’ll find location, cost, vendor, and security are the largest variables for hiring a dedicated software development team.


If you choose to hire a team close to home, you’ll be most familiar with the work culture and communication styles of the people you work with. 

At the same time, Western software development agencies are generally expensive. 

This is why some businesses choose to outsource development offshore. China and India are mainstream choices for offshore software development. 

On the other hand, outsourcing to China and India necessitates a pretty drastic overhaul of your sleep schedule. 

You’ll always have to consult with your team while you’re each at opposite ends of the day. 

Nearshore outsourcing means hiring a dedicated team in a country that’s not too far at all. As an illustration, a company based in the United States may hire a team from Brazil. 

Setting up meetings will be relatively easy and the economic difference makes the entire region a fairly good bargain. 

Your choice of location will be based on your preferences, and what works for your business. 


Cost goes hand-in-hand with location. The closer to home, the more expensive and more familiar. 

In addition, the most favored programming languages and frameworks tend to end up with the highest-paid developers. 

Some businesses start searching for development knowing just what they need. Others find out later what their tech stack will look like. 

Either way, it’s something to keep in mind. 


To ensure that you get the right team on board, you do have to be scrutinous about who you’re hiring. 

Talk to people from your industry to get a referral. Besides Google, this is really the best way to find quality talent. 

Narrow down your options by reviewing the portfolios of your potential vendors. Investigate their credibility and ask for references. 

Root your decision in the deliverables the company is capable of producing. 


Security is probably the most common concern all businesses face. 

Read over contracts again and again to make sure you know what’s what. 

Check that the agency you’re using is in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy. 

And see to it that your chosen dedicated team properly addresses system vulnerabilities like network security and data loss. 

Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team Today

Trio hosts a pool of experts within their organization, prepped and ready to give you software solutions at a moment’s notice.

Developers at Trio are eager software engineers that are passionate about their work and creaitng business solutions. 

Trio listens to businesses’ pain points and fashions a dedicated software development team to their liking. 

Businesses gain a sense of trust in the software developers they work with every day who make client satisfaction their top priority.

In other words, Trio dedicated development teams are sure to deliver results. To hire a dedicated team today, talk to Trio!

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