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Legendary as a high-level language, Java has established itself as a household name for developers and consumers alike. Making its name by providing a programming language that is comfortable for those just starting to learn to code, as well as seasoned developers. By remaining fairly similar to C and C++, it is easy to pick up for experienced developers who have used these languages in the past. Java can lend itself kindly to your team of developers, whether you are developing web-apps or desktop applications. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Java a great choice for your upcoming project. 

Why Java? 

If you are developing an application that requires a lot of user interaction, it makes sense to prioritize speedy performance for your project. Java offers a compiler that allows for wicked fast performance, as well as full support for multi-threading. Rest assured, if you use Java you can be confident that your applications will be high-performance, with responsive and dynamic elements easy to implement using these performance-centered features.  

Portability is a huge plus to Java, and it’s why it’s such a delight for some programmers to work with. By using Java’s Virtual Machine, the platform allows for your program to run in a stable way on practically any device that has Java installed. The Java Virtual Machine is very widespread across machines on an international scale, so this certainly makes building one version of your application more simple and approachable. 

There are several aspects that make Java simple and approachable. For one, Java takes some of the basic design principles from C++, and creates a full-fledged object oriented programming environment out of it. This allows developers to utilize the stability and functionality found in languages like C and C++, and allow more rapid development through a more simple object oriented design. On top of this, Java has the capabilities for more simple memory management through automatic garbage collection. 

Combining all of this with a huge amount of useful frameworks that help you deploy usable applications using Java, it makes sense that so many choose it to power their next project. 

Developing for Android 

It’s no secret to experienced mobile developers that Java is the official programming language for creating android apps. Most apps created for Android are built with some, or entirely from Java. Google has maintained consistent support for it as the priority language for their development platform, Android Studio, so this is where most would start when designing, or porting an app to Android. 

Though many have been pained by a more complicated development environment when using Java to develop for Android, Google has gone out of their way recently to make mobile development on their platform more accessible. They have created a new language that is essentially an offshoot of Java called Kotlin that makes creating apps easier by using more readable language. It runs directly in Java Virtual Machine, and those starting out developing for the Android ecosystem often start here. 

Streamline Your Project by Borrowing Developers 

Still scratching your head wondering how you are going to complete your project? We can make it a lot easier for you to develop your Java web app or desktop application by contracting our highly-experienced software developers to take on your project. We have a wide roster of devs with a diverse skill-set, so it’s highly likely we have somebody for your projects exact needs. 

Our developers work in a US-friendly time-zone, so there’s no need to worry about trouble communicating in real-time. We don’t use freelancers, rather have a team of full-time software engineers that are ready to be contracted in a timely manner. Drop us a line to get a conversation started today, and we can have your project started in days, not weeks.

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