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Why hire a Trio React Developer?

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Why hire a Trio React Developer?

How to hire React developers

React powered apps are known for being performant, reactive, and easy-to-scale. Looking to develop a full-featured, interactive, web application? A React developer can help. So how do you find a React developer? What follows are some tips on how to find top React developers on Upwork.

What is React?

Universal JavaScript, component-based web development, server-side rendering (SSR) and a virtual DOM—these are just some of the features that helped place React on the map of front-end JavaScript development frameworks. A React developer is simply a front-end developer who’s experienced with the React JavaScript framework.

Here’s a quick overview of the skills you should look for in React development freelancers:

Web fundamentals, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Proficiency in the JavaScript framework React Familiarity with tools in the React ecosystem such as React Native for mobile app development RESTful services and APIs React test tools such as Jest and Enzyme React development consultants help businesses create modular front-end features and dynamic web apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a Trio developer is easy. Simply click the button in the navigation bar to get started and fill out the form. Once submitted, we will contact you to schedule a time to call and discuss your project in further detail. From there, we will set up a meeting between you and the developer for you to get to know them. After you accept the developer for the project and sign the contract, the developer begins working.
You can have a Trio developer working on your project as soon as we sign a contract. Once the contract is signed, we will allocate our developer to be in contact with you via your company’s slack or Trio’s client slack.
Trio offers clients the opportunity to work with one of our developers for 2 weeks free at no risk to see whether they are a good fit for your team. Should the developer meet your expectations, we will continue to work under the signed contract agreement.