The Complete Guide on How to Hire React Developers in 2021

Quality web development can bring imminent success to your business. No matter what you’re selling, how you present yourself on the web will make or break you. Potential customers look to websites to form an opinion about your brand. 

If you want that opinion to be positive, it’s important to make a good first impression. And a good React developer will have a direct effect on what users will see and interact with on your website. 

React is a JavaScript web framework for front-end web development. A 2020 Stack Overflow survey demonstrated that React is the second most popular web framework among professional developers, quickly catching up to JQuery. 

Taking all this into account, you might be wondering how to hire React developers. Even better, you might be wondering how to hire the best React developer that can take your business to the next level. 

Don’t worry. Here, not only will you find out how to hire React developers, but you’ll learn about costs, advantages, job networks, and more. Learn more just below.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a React Developer?

Much of front-end development involves handling visual elements and graphical design. For this reason, React developers must have a sense of what looks good and what does not. More than this, these developers must know how to implement their design skills in a software environment.

Note that design isn’t as simple as good or bad. React developers should gather a sense of your brand and audience to understand what appeals to customers and what image you want to send forward to them. 


React developers are front-end JavaScript developers responsible for creating and maintaining UIs for web apps and websites. Front-end development describes software development that affects what the user sees and interacts with. 

On the more technical side, front-end developers also oversee purely functional items related to UIs like buttons, scroll bars, text boxes, and so on. To do this, React developers need experience programming functionality into the UIs they build.

The first step in how to hire a React developer is making sure your potential hires have a proficient grasp of React and what’s required of them for front-end development in general. 

What Are the Main Skills of a React Developer?

Part of learning how to hire a React developer is becoming familiar with the role yourself.

You can’t just trust anyone who calls themselves a React developer. Both you and your developers need to understand the responsibilities that your business relationship will necessitate. 

React developer skills mainly revolve around being a proficient JavaScript developer. Any developer who claims to be proficient in React should have a reasonable background developing in JavaScript to back their story. 

This JavaScript background should include familiarity with DOM manipulation and the latest version of ECMAScript, an enhanced version of JavaScript which supports many expedient features. 

And while React is a JavaScript framework it also exists as its own ecosystem with data structure libraries and popular workflows like Redux or Flux. React developers should recognize these tools as well. 

Further, all web developers should have some dexterity with other standard web technologies, specifically HTML and CSS. These technologies are crucial to the overall structure and design of your website or web app. 

Where To Find React Developers?

Knowing how to hire React developers is of no value if you don’t know where to look for them. There are quite a few resources where you can find developers of any kind.

Have a look below. 

Freelance Marketplaces

You should look to freelance marketplaces if you don’t need your React developer to commit fully to your project. Freelance React developers advertise their skills on marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a long list of profiles based on the qualifications you’re seeking out. The only catch is that since these developers are freelance, they’re entitled to some legroom in how they manage their schedules.

They have the freedom to work on multiple projects at once and that’s their right. On your end, you won’t have to tie yourself down to a full-time employee nor the legal culpabilities of such.

Job Boards 

You’re probably most familiar with using job boards to find potential hires. Indeed is a great example of a job board where you can post a detailed job description and interested job seekers can apply accordingly. 

Bear in mind that many of the candidates you’ll see on job boards want a full-time job with benefits and have salary expectations to match.

Outsourcing Companies

By utilizing an outsourcing agency you can let another company deal with all your software development needs. In turn, you won’t really need to know how to hire a React developer or where to find one.

The gist of it is that you pay a price, tell the agency what you want, and get it done for you. Outsourcing agencies are reasonably priced and this is because they tend to reside outside of the United States.

The cost of this convenience, however, is often communication difficulties – whether this has to do with language barriers or simply not being clear about what you need.

That said, like with any remote team, there are always solutions to these problems. And Trio has content to show you how too!


How Much Does It Cost To Hire a React Developer? 

Once you have an understanding of how to hire a react developer you’ll want to know how much it’ll cost you.

In the United States, Ziprecruiter data shows that React developer roles amount from $21,500 to $153,500 a year. The average React developer will make $80,485 annually.

Many factors will significantly influence this price. For example, if you only employ a React developer for a short period of time to complete a project, you’ll see a drastic reduction in cost. Outsourcing your project to a software agency offshore will also contribute to lower costs. 

To compare, the average front-end developer in Brazil makes R$59,258 according to Payscale. This is the equivalent of $11,143.54 in North America. Economic differences from shore to shore prove to make a dramatic difference. 

What Is React?

React, also stylized as React.js or ReactJS, is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces (UIs).

At its core, React is a library featuring numerous UI components that JavaScript developers can implement into their code for front-end web development

Virtual document object models (DOMs) are an integral feature of the React framework. A DOM is an application programming interface (API) for HTML and XML documents. APIs define how different software interacts with each other. 

Though it may sound complex, this essentially means that DOMs can manipulate how text on a web page is formatted and structured. This manipulation occurs in the browser and can be a noticeably slow process. 

Each time a certain element of a DOM is updated, JavaScript updates the entire DOM. While minor changes to a DOM will naturally occur, the nuisance of having to rebuild an entire DOM for a minor change is why some JavaScript developers flock to React. 

A virtual dom is an abstracted copy of the real DOM. It syncs to the browser DOM in a procedure called reconciliation. Manipulating virtual DOMs is much faster because virtual DOMs cannot directly change what’s on the screen. 

Since rendering data to the DOM is React’s primary concern, React developers must employ additional libraries like Redux or React Router for tasks such as routing and state management.

What Are the Advantages of React?

“How to hire a react developer?” may not be your first question at this point. Instead, you might be concerned about whether or not React is right for you.

Though that’s mostly a subjective opinion based on your business’s needs, you can certainly learn more about some of the advantages React could provide for your web development. 


Any web developer should already be closely familiar with the JavaScript programming language. Learning to use React from that point is easy, especially with the abundance of documentation and tutorials React offers to speed up the learning process. 

React’s reusable components also help to make the framework refreshingly convenient. Components allow developers to compartmentalize UI into smaller, reusable pieces that can be considered in isolation. 


Thanks to virtual DOMs rendering is quite fast, boosting performance and productivity.

Not to mention, faster rendering leads to better search engine optimization (SEO). This will inevitably result in higher rankings in search engines for your website and to that end, more leads. 


React is equipped with a number of useful developer tools.

React Developer Tools is a browser extension available for both Firefox and Chrome. React developers can use this extension to observe component hierarchies and inspect their current state and properties. 

There are also several debugging and design tools your developers can utilize for testing and developing the best web app or website for your business needs. 


React is maintained by Facebook, guaranteeing the framework has corporate sponsorship to survive and thrive for years to come. Fortune 500 companies like Coursera, IMDb, Paypal, Lyft, and the New York Times rely on React and as such are invested in its success. 

Aside from these major enterprises, React has the support of a large community. Its Github repository alone currently has more than 1500 active contributors who all care for the framework by continuously improving the software. 

As you learn more about how to hire a React developer, you’ll realize a key factor in any hiring process that takes place in the tech industry is how popular technology or software is. React attracts many developers, so you’ll have a large pool of qualified applicants to pick from. 

When Is the Use of React Recommended?

Having an idea of when to use React is equally as important as knowing how to hire React developers. Any resource you deploy for your business should have some intent behind it. 

React has the most development potential for developing single-page applications (SPAs). SPAs are web apps or websites that do not need to reload to feature new content. 

All HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code is retrieved at the initial page load or otherwise the web page will dynamically load data based on user interaction. The advantage of this is faster and smoother response times for the user. 

In addition, SPAs are made to mirror native mobile apps on smartphones which are similarly quick and don’t rely on new pages being loaded. 

Of course, SPAs are the most straightforward usage case for the React framework. There are nuanced scenarios where using React is just as practical. 

State management, for one, refers to how the state of different UI controls are managed. An example of UI components that would need state management would be a button that can be disabled or a user input value that may change over time. 

Using a framework like React for state management is much more utilitarian than using JavaScript alone. It can provide a structure for writing clean, maintainable code. 

Naturally, virtual DOMs is as good a justification as any to use React. Virtual DOMs will ultimately improve the user experience (UX) for your website’s visitor and amplify your SEO. 

With or without virtual DOMs in the picture, JavaScript frameworks in general greatly benefit DOM management, resulting in well-structured code. 


Hopefully, you’ve learned all you need to know about how to hire a React developer. But if you need some assistance, Trio has your back. 

We can tell you a little bit more about how to hire the best React developer for your business’s needs, and we’ll also tell you a little bit more about what we do. 

At Trio, we offer South American developers who have been trained and vetted to further your business growth through the use of their quality software development skills. 

What’s more, we know how to seamlessly integrate our developers into your business without disrupting normal operations. And we won’t break the bank either. 

Consider looking to Trio to hire your React developers. Let us know what you’re working on and maybe we can be part of your next React project.







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React, also stylized as React.js or ReactJS, is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces (UIs).

Easy, fast, pragmatic and well-supported.

React has the most development potential for developing single-page applications (SPAs). SPAs are web apps or websites that do not need to reload to feature new content.

Much of front-end development involves handling visual elements and graphical design. For this reason, React developers must have a sense of what looks good and what does not.