Insights on Node.js Developers’ Salaries in 2024: Key Factors Revealed

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Tech is an exciting field that is constantly changing. This means that there are often a variety of different job positions opening up.

Recently, Node.js has become a major tool for JavaScript web development. This means that a variety of Node.js software developer positions are opening up.

It is important to make sure that you are aware of the average web developer salary to ensure you are paid fairly. So, how much does a Node JS developer make?

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What is the average salary of a Node.js developer?

Understanding the salary range for Node.js developers

Typically, the average hourly rate in the United States is from about $49.28 to about $58.23 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter.

This varies depending on a variety of factors, but top earners like senior developers usually end up making around $156,000 annually.

The 75th percentile of earners is around $132,500 per year. More junior developers earning around the 25th percentile will usually make an average yearly salary of around $102,500.

Glassdoor estimates this range to be slightly higher, with an estimated total pay of around $141,315. It also places the 75th percentile at around $179,000 and the 25th percentile at $113,000.

Average salary range for Node.js developers from various sources including ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor.
The average salary for Node.js developers ranges from $102,500 to $179,000 per year, based on data from ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor.

Factors influencing the average salary of Node.js developers

There are three main factors that influence your potential developer pay. These are your experience, your location, and whether or not you have any specialized skills.

If you have more years of experience with Node.js development, your hands-on experience will increase your expected total pay.

Your location may influence the overall job market and your expected cost of living. If you reside in a tech hub like California, you will be in high demand and have relatively high expenses, so you can expect a higher salary.

Specialized skills like experience in full-stack development or the ability to use tools like React JS or Angular for front-end development can increase your perceived value.

Factors influencing Node.js developer salaries, including experience, location, and specialized skills
Experience, location, and specialized skills in technologies like React and cloud services significantly impact Node.js developer salaries.

Comparing the average salary of Node.js developers with other tech roles

VueJS: $126k ($103k-$158k)  High: $192k | Low: $86k (Glassdoor)

Angular: $112k ($86k-$148k) High: $189k | Low: $68k (Glassdoor)

React: $151k ($113k-$208k) High: $274k | Low: $88k (Glassdoor)

Node: $141k ($113k-$179k) High: $220k | Low: $93k (Glassdoor)

Comparison of average salaries for various tech roles including Node.js developers, Vue.js developers, Angular developers, React developers, and general software engineers.
Node.js developers earn a competitive average salary of $141,315 per year, surpassing Vue.js and Angular developers.

How much does a Node.js developer make compared to other developers?

Exploring the salary differences between Node.js developers and software engineers

When analyzing information from Glassdoor, we see that you can make a salary of around $141,315 per year. This is usually made up of a base salary as well as additional pay.

We can compare this to the salary of general software engineers estimated by Glassdoor.

The average salary of software engineers is estimated at $158,584 per year, while senior software engineers earning over the 75th percentile may make $204,000.

This indicates that a Node JS developer makes slightly less than an average software engineer.

Analyzing the earning potential of Node.js developers versus full-stack developers

Once again, using Glassdoor’s estimate of the average salary for a Node JS developer, we can compare the position to that of a full stack developer.

The pay range of a fullstack developer is $90k to $162k, with the average being around $120,086 and senior full stack positions earning closer to the upper end of the range.

Using this information, we can see that Node JS developer salaries are a fair bit higher than the average annual salary of a full-stack developer.

What are the key factors influencing Node.js developer salaries?

The role of experience in determining Node.js developer salaries

The number of years of experience with Node JS can greatly influence the average Node JS developer salary.

Entry-level positions, such as Junior Node.js developers, can earn around $115,683 per year on average.

On the other hand,  senior Node.js developers with a solid understanding of backend technology earn around $195,033.

This means that experience level can greatly influence your salary when working in server-side development.

Impact of location on Node.js Developer salaries

Depending on location, you will also see a big difference in how much you are paid to work with the runtime environment.

The salary tool ZipRecruiter allows you to compare salaries by location. We can see that Soledad, California, has the highest salary across the United States at $172,165.

When working remotely, it is a little more complicated. Remote work salaries can be determined either by the location of the company you work for, or by the location of the remote Node.js worker.

How specialized skills affect the salaries of Node.js developers

Specialized skills can boost your expected salary. However, this can vary widely depending on your company’s requirements, so it is important to do market research.

Some specialized skills you can consider include the ability to work as a React developer or an Angular developer, the ability to use cloud services, and the ability to work with databases like MongoDB or PostgreSQL.

You will also be likely to work as part of a team of developers, so make sure that you develop your soft skills.

Although not necessary, it is also a good idea to get a Node.js certification to prove that you are capable of using most aspects of Node.

What is the salary outlook for Node.js developers in 2024?

Predicting the salary trends for Node.js developers in the upcoming year

Node.js developers are in high demand. This means that the outlook for skilled Node.js users is positive.

Thanks to the continued availability of remote jobs and the fact that JavaScript frameworks are being used more and more, there are countless opportunities for JavaScript developers who know how to use Node.js technology.

I think that an industry growth rate of 5-7% would not be a modest prediction.

Expectations for the growth of Node.js developer salaries in the industry

Due to the continued demand, compensation packages are likely to grow to at least keep up with inflation.

Depending on many factors, you might see jobs pay more outright, or you might see more profit sharing and compensation in the form of performance-linked bonuses.

How does a Node.js developer’s salary compare to that of other backend developers?

Comparing the earnings of Node.js developers with Java developers

Typical Node JS positions pay more than Java developer positions, depending on the requirements of the role.

The average Java developer makes around $117,983 per year, compared to Node.js developers, who make $1141,315.

Java positions start from as low as $99k (25th percentile), while Node.js consistently ranks higher, with the same figure being $113k.

Salary discrepancies between Node.js and backend developers working with other frameworks

The salary discrepancy identified continues when you examine other backend developers.

A lot of this is due to the fact that Node.js is very popular specifically for building cloud-native applications. It is also suitable for microservice architecture and APIs, which is not the case with all other frameworks.

This, combined with the fact that Node developers are usually also capable of some frontend and UI collaboration, may play a role in salary discrepancies.

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What are the average yearly earnings for Node.js developers?

Breaking down the components of a Node.js developer’s annual salary

We’ve already covered the basics of how much this developer job pays. However, this pay can be made up of different components.

Experienced workers will generally get a base salary of around $103,849, according to Glassdoor. The rest of the salary can be made up of bonuses, stock options, and other benefits.

Carefully consider all aspects of your pay, as they may not all be available for all positions; contract to hire for example.

Annual salary increments and bonuses for Node.js developers

Annual salary increments can vary widely as well. You can expect an increase of anywhere from 3-5% or even more.


Is NodeJS developer a good career?

Yes, being a Node.js developer is a good career. This is due to high demand, competitive salaries, and the growing popularity of JavaScript and its frameworks.

What is the salary of a 2 year Node js developer?

A Node developer with around 2 years of experience will earn a salary of around $129k. This is made up of base pay, bonuses, and other benefits.

Are Node developers in demand?

Yes, Node developers are in high demand because they can create very scalable network applications.

What is the salary of a NodeJS developer with 4of  years of experience?

The salary of a NodeJS developer with 4-6 years of experience is around $146,204, according to Glassdoor. This includes their base pay as well as additional compensation.

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