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Front-end developers are in popular demand these days. Startups and small businesses looking to digitize their products look for front-end developers to build user interfaces that delight users. Developers working in this fast-paced field are constantly learning new technologies and acquiring knowledge and experience using different libraries. They also work closely with product managers and UI/UX designers.

What is the Difference Between Backend and Frontend Development?

Unlike backend development, which focuses on the models and business logic of a system, the frontend has more so to do with the user interfaces that the end-user interacts with.

All of those pretty animations and micro-interactions you see in applications today are all built by a frontend developer. 

What makes a good front-end developer?

Front-end developers have to deal with a rapidly changing field where libraries fall in and out of favor every 2-3 years. However, many of the most popular libraries use JavaScript, therefore the deeper experience a developer has with JavaScript the easier it is for them to adopt new libraries. 

It goes without saying that all front-end developers should know HTML and CSS inside and out. Knowledge using CSS frameworks is definitely a plus and can make building user interfaces much easier. 

Beyond being able to keep up with trends, a good front-end developer has a great sense of style. They should be passionate about building beautiful interfaces down to the micro-interactions and animations. 

They are much like designers in a way, and the ones worth their salt will have worked with designer enough for their sensibilities to have rubbed off on them. 

Great front-end developers are also designers and are very interested in deeper topics such as consumer behavior.

What technologies should front-end developers be proficient in?

There are honestly too many libraries and frameworks to name when it comes to front-end development. So we will just name the most popular ones. 


React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It makes no assumptions about your technology stack, which means it’s great for working on “headless apps”. React also is very popular among developers for multiple reasons. 

The main reason being its flexibility and easy learning curve. That being said, it’s much easier to find a React developer however that doesn’t mean that all React developers are rockstars. 

Because React is such a flexible library to use, it’s easy to build a react app that doesn’t adhere to strong architectural principles. 

The easy learning curve of React means that anyone can learn it along with JavaScript and call themselves a developer while disregarding tried and traditional computer science concepts. 


Not to be confused with Angular. AngularJS is the older version that lacks the all-encompassing functionality that the new Angular provides. However, it is still a front-end framework that is available to be used, albeit less common than React. 


Vue.js doesn’t get enough credit, despite being less common than React. There are some interesting advantages using Vue, the biggest one being its small size, which is a very important factor for front-end frameworks to be successful.


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Frontend developers are responsible for developing the user interface of a website or web application. The user interface is what users interact with. The frontend is supported by the backend which is integrated by backend developers.

Neither one is better. You will need either a frontend or backend developer based on your goals. If you are trying to build a beautiful user interface, then you will need a frontend developer. If you are more concerned with integrations, business logic, or APIs, then you will need a backend developer. Sometimes, you can find a fullstack developer that is good enough to handle all of these things for you.

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