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Although oftentimes overshadowed by React.js in terms of popularity, Angular has established itself as a viable solution for deploying highly usable visual interfaces for webapps. Developed and backed by Google, Angular provides a framework for web-developers to create beautiful, highly-dynamic apps that balance performance with functionality. It’s important that users like your user-interface, but it’s equally important that your developers are in-tune with the visual framework you use to design it. Luckily, many of the developers that work with Angular seem to enjoy it’s useability and continue to craft remarkable UI’s that are stable and work well for their users. Let’s break down some reasons why you might want to use Angular for your project.

Why Angular? 

It’s beyond important to have a positive user-experience that keep your customers coming back to your app. The user-interface is one of the most important aspects of ensuring your customers enjoy the experience they have within your app. From making sure they can find what they want to do, or ensuring their information is displayed accurately within the app to reflect their individual experience, it’s fair to say that the visual design of your app matters. Choosing Angular makes sense for a lot of companies for a variety of reasons, it just depends on what kind of experience you are trying to build. 

A huge distinguishing factor of Angular is that it is a full visual framework, unlike React which is merely a visual library to use. This comes with an array of advantages, such as providing more guidance to your development through a more rigid development environment. A lot of web-developers like this, as it ditches a more free-form method of designing UI’s for a more established “design-language” to be followed. This can be seen in Google’s Material Design philosophy that they have been pushing for quite a few years now. By having a more structured design language, it’s much easier to guarantee your app’s UI is stable and consistent across devices.

A lot of the tools found in Angular serve to aide in a smooth development experience. In this sense, it’s a very developer friendly language. It’s designed to be used with Typescript, which is noted for being highly approachable by developers. It also provides a lot of tools to enable faster development like test environments and modules that make documentation easier to read and understand. 

Do I really have to worry this much about our UI?

Often seen as the most overlooked performance metric for your apps, UX is immensely more indicative of how your app is doing than most give it credit for. Although not technically limited to the user-interface of an app, a large part of a users experience in your app comes from interacting with it. One bad experience with an app can turn a user off from it indefinitely, considered this the user-experience is arguably one of the most important aspects of your app. It’s important to understand how your users are interacting with your interface in order to properly gauge how their experience within them. By using a framework like Angular, you can make sure your customers experiences remain consistent across platforms. 

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A lot of developers will claim they understand UI and UX, while when the time actually display their skills they fall short. The importance of having somebody who knows what they are doing behind your UI and front-end development cannot be understated. Luckily we have the resources to help you. We have a full-time team of web developers who are ready to take on your Angular project. Working in a US-friendly time-zone, it’s never been easier to coordinate with remote developers on a contract-basis. We handle all the heavy-lifting in outsourcing your talent, ensuring that all of our developers are qualified and ready to take on any kind of project you throw at them. If you want to see how we can help you with your Angular project, feel free to start a conversation today.

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