5 Environmental Startups Making a Difference in 2024

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Environmental startups try their best to undo the harm of the corporations before them that don’t care to put in the same effort. Every moment, the pressing need to preserve the earth and exhibit care for the environment grows ever more pressing.

As of late, climate change and sustainability have become a more pervasive issue. While the environment has always needed caretaking, as consumers become more aware of these issues, businesses in response tailor their products to this awareness. 

Coffee houses, for example, now opt for straws that can be more easily recycled than mere plastic. And ordering apps leave an option for customers to forgo plastic silverware. Environmental startups envision environmentalism as the forefront of their business. That means whatever they’re selling, being green is a large part of it.

This article will tell you more about how 5 environmental startups operate and which ones are leading the market!

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How Business and Technology Interact With The Environment

Believe it or not, the economy and the environment are closely connected, with little hope of becoming disentangled. While many businesses do not have any intention of affecting the environment, their impact still causes harm.

Abnormally high temperatures, natural catastrophes, and poor air quality are only a few symptoms of climate change’s effect on the world. Though people try, scientific evidence makes it difficult to deny that these changes are happening and will lead to irreversible damage for future generations.

Windmills blowing wind and solar panels in front. Both items face the sun on the left side.
The economy and the environment are closely connected

Human activity is driving the environment to the point of no return. At this point, humans will not have the capacity to stop global warming, save endangered species from extinction, or even find a suitable home for habitation.

Luckily, Earth is not at this point quite yet. Though the idea of establishing life bases on other planets seems less fictional and more of a reality with every passing day, there is still much that Earth’s residents can do to preserve their planet.

Environmental startups, the intersection of business and technology, aim to create positive change on a global scale. 

There are a number of environmental startups that direct energy towards finding solutions to global problems, from plastic waste to renewable energy.

5 Environmental Startups To Watch Out For in 2024

Every environmental startup has a different approach to tackling sustainability concerns. As an illustration, here are 5 environmental startups leaving an impressionable mark on the industry in recent years. 

Logos for environmental startups including Bowery Farming, Skeleton Technologies, Holganix, Cirrus, and Bakey's.
5 environmental startups leaving an impressionable mark on the industry

1. Skeleton Technologies

Skeleton Technologies develop and manufacture ultracapacitors with high energy and power density. Ultracapacitors, alternatively called supercapacitors, are energy storage devices.

These devices can store a large amount of electrical charge. Their applications include the likes of cars, buses, and trains, among other things.

The technology is more environmentally friendly because unlike a traditional battery, there are fewer waste streams involved.

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2. Bakeys

According to some estimates, about 40 million individual plastic utensils go straight to the bin each year in the United States alone.

Because of different resin makeups, it is nearly impossible to reintegrate plastic into the environment. Thus, plastic pollution poses an immense threat to both plants and animals. They disrupt the natural ecosystem and release harmful chemicals into the earth.

By making edible cutlery, an Indian company by the name of Bakeys provides perhaps the most sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. This is in contrast to alternatives like paper straws which are more sustainable but less practical.

Bakeys’ cutlery is made with different types of flours and all-natural ingredients like sorghum, wheat, rice, and millet. They produce spoons, forks, and chopsticks.

Bakey's spoons and forks in a utensils holder.
Bakeys provides perhaps the most sustainable alternative to single-use plastic

3. Cirrus Shower

Cirrus Shower is an atomized water system and environmental startup utilizing CloudMaker technology to turn your shower into pressurized mist. You end up saving between 45% and 75% of water by using this method of dispatch versus a classic shower stream.

Where clean water is scarce, it is important to be more intentional about how patrons use water in the first place, and for that matter, how much of it.

Processing water also means burning fossil fuels the consequence of which is a larger carbon footprint and worse air quality.

4. Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming is an agricultural project of sorts emboldening vertical farming, where produce is grown in industrial indoor spaces or smart farms.

Through Bowery Farming, even metropolitan cities can source local goods without having to worry about pests, pollutants, or inclement weather.

This environmental startup also traces every product from seed to store, ensuring that safety and quality are well-assured priorities are the first priority of Bowery plants.

The benefit of local produce is not only that it is fresher and healthier, but by buying local you can shift support away from large corporations that often mass-produce contentious products and invest instead in your local community.

Two Bowery Farmers on right working over a large table of plants. Numerous plants shelfed behind them.
Bowery Farming is an agricultural project of sorts emboldening vertical farming

5. Holganix

Holganix employs 800 species of bacteria and 20 species of fungi to generate a  100% organic fertilizer. Their philosophy takes root in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach which seeks an eco-friendly solution to pest problems.

Although chemical pesticides can be very effective, they are harmful to nearly every living thing that encounters them as well as the resources of the land like air, water, and soil. 

Other advantages of Holganix include decreased water use, increased soil health, more resilient plants, and cost savings.

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How Trio Can Help Startups Grow

For many businesses, in fact, most of them, financial success and a notable reputation are exciting goals to reach. And these are, of course, reasonable goals.

But for environmental startups, the mission is typically more grounded and carries a sense of responsibility.

If combining the interests of the technology and the environment appeals to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Trio can get your idea off the ground and into the ether.

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