Recently, we've seen that there have been new tools structured specifically to ease up the communication flow between computers and humans. One of such latest tools is a Chatbot app.

However, some people are still not aware of a Chatbot app is.

So, What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots are majorly artificial intelligence software that can easily simulate either a conversation or chat with a human user in normal regular languages via:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Messaging applications or;
  • Phones

Chatbots are frequently described as one of the most developed and promising expressions of communication between machines and humans. While from a technological point, Chatbots signify the natural advancement of a question answering system leveraging on NLP: National Language Processing.

How Exactly Will They Boost A Business?

Chatbots have been said to be able to boost or improve businesses over time. While people still have their doubts about it, here are some ways this software development can improve your business

- Chatbots will aid in cutting down operational costs

Yearly, over two hundred and sixty-five billion customer support requests are actually made, and it costs these businesses roughly $1.3 trillion just in servicing them. With Chatbots, all of these costs can be reduced.

These Chatbot apps can aid businesses to save up to about thirty percent. While they are not made to displace and replace human employees fully, chatbots simply help in giving support and solving repetitive issues of customers.

With this, customer service agents will finally be capable of handling more difficult queries and offer better services to their customers. Basically, Chatbots makes sure of lucrative productivity from its investment in employees.

- Chatbots provide progressive avenues for sales and marketing

The highly competent Chatbots created by very effective sources such as Acquire can help in closing more sales via its robust marketing attempts. They can help in:

  1. Enhancing customer engagement by providing them with highly credible shopping advice that is based on the customer's buying history as well as choices
  2. Marketing funnel guidance by addressing every query as they come up
  3. Vital notifications by pushing the proper notifications to the right people all the time.
  4. Broadening their reach to diverse prospects via social media like no human employee could have ever hoped to achieve.

Basically, Chatbots can grab the attention of customers via historical communications and analyze the feedback and data of customers.

-Chatbots aid in enhancing customer services and sales

Here, Chatbots are capable of collecting the information of customers such as profession, website, names, social network contact details, etc. The bots use these details for marketing and sales purposes.

They aid in keeping customers engaged with highly interesting products and brands using push notifications. Generally, the bots take on the role of bridges trying to fill in the gap between brands and their customers.

And, they do this by offering daily round the clock communication. They actively interact like humans but with decreased human error, and they do not get frustrated like some humans are bound to do.

To Sum Up

There are so many ways that Chatbot apps can improve businesses all around the world, and some have been discussed in this article. So many businesses have been able to save up tons of money and simultaneously increasing more sales as well as conversion rates.

If you are looking to develop a chatbot for your business you can contact our team at Trio for more information. Tell us about your project and let’s see how we can help you!