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HubSpot Service Hub is truly the hearth of all customer service interactions on the HubSpot platform. 

If you know your business’s worth, then the importance of good customer service hardly needs explaining. 

In 2017, 96% of respondents in Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service report said customer service played a key role in their brand loyalty. 

It should go without saying that customer retention is paramount to a successful and scaling business. 
HubSpot Service Hub serves businesses that share the aforementioned values. To learn more about HubSpot Service Hub, read on!

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What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot itself is well-known for its strategic and dedicated investment towards inbound marketing. 

Its primary model for customer engagement and lead lifecycle management is to attract, engage, and delight. This is called the Flywheel Model. 

In this methodology, the roles are distributed like so:

  1. Attract: Here, your business draws the right people to your brand via valuable content. The objective at this stage is to become a trusted advisor to the leads your brand interacts with. 
  2. Engage: At this stage, you present the leads with insights and solutions that address their pain points. Tell them why they should buy your product or service. 
  3. Delight: Lastly, you empower tour customers by allowing them to find success and satisfaction with what they have purchased. 

Through several fully-featured tools and mechanisms, HubSpot can meet customers at every stage of inbound marketing. 
For instance, HubSpot CMS is where businesses go to create and manage content. 

Consumers consume this content with enthusiasm. All the while, you build up your reputation as an authoritative source of information. 

Some high-performing HubSpot website examples include UBERDOC and SafeBreach, a patient choice platform and cybersecurity testing software respectively. 

Both websites are highly acclaimed for how well they’ve been able to curate a desirable user experience.
HubSpot integrations are also a notorious facet of the HubSpot platform. 

By utilizing integrations, businesses can connect their systems with an array of utilitarian third-party tools like WordPress or MailChimp. 

These integrations may very well be one of HubSpot’s most prized possessions. And with the HubSpot API, you can build custom integrations to optimize your business. 

Of course, HubSpot has much more to offer. Its numerous hubs for marketing, sales, content management, revenue operations, and service, all play into this unique tool’s prowess. 

What Is HubSpot Service Hub?

HubSpot Service Hub allows you to connect and support your customers from a central hub equipped with many features to ease the user experience. 

The Service Hub is your basic customer service software, and then some.

Naturally, you can find the HubSpot Service Hub at the very last stage of the Flywheel Model.

Via the service hub, you will be able to delight customers by delivering empathy on a business level. 

There are three principle actions that take place in this process — uniting teams and channels; scaling support; and measuring and improving the customer experience. 

Three blue cards titled

Much of this work happens by utilizing a combination of automation and self-service. These are both great assets in any customer service software. 

What Is Customer Service Software?

Today, customers need their problems solved with poise and quickness. They need 24/7 omnichannel support. 

This can be difficult to curate without the right tools and technologies to help customers where they’re at. 

Customer service software describes the tooling that businesses use to respond to customer support requests. 

Through this technology, you can take care of customer needs through a variety of mediums: email, live chat, messaging, self-service, and even external communication systems like social media. 

Beyond this, the standard features of any customer service software should aid you in:

  • Gathering insights from customers
  • Organizing teams horizontally 
  • Building and managing analytics and reports
  • Scaling up services
  • Giving customers reliable and responsive support

The tools involved in these efforts range form, automated workflows, tagging, built-in reporting features, customer query tracking, and more. 

HubSpot Service Hub is one example of quality customer service software that is designed to take you and your business to the next level. 

What Can HubSpot Service Hub Do?

First, HubSpot Service Hub can expand the capacity of your support team through technical infrastructure. 

For your business, this means in lieu of staff augmentation, the service Hub will elevate your customer service team using clever features like help desk, ticketing, or automated customer support. 

HubSpot Service Hub can also be helpful for customer onboarding, the process of validating your customer’s decision to choose your product or service

Features such as video messaging and shared inbox ensure that you can build and sustain a consistent relationship with your customers. 

And ultimately, you will be able to identify key opportunities in the customer experience where you can deepen your relationship with the customer as a business. 
This is where the HubSpot CRM and other tools like customer feedback surveys come in, to give you context to lean into customer interactions. 

The end goal of HubSpot Service Hub is to assist you in providing your clients with exceptional customer experiences. 

Below you will find a brief overview of HubSpot’s Service Hub’s most popular features, available at various Service Hub tiers. 

Service Hub Free

Free tools of the HubSpot Service Hub are welcome to all HubSpot users. No credit card required. You can get started now with a number of useful tools, including:

  • Ticketing
  • Team email
  • Live chat 
  • Email templates
  • Calling
  • Email and chat to ticket
  • Ticket creation bots
  • Meeting scheduling 
  • Reporting

Service Hub Starter

A Starter package in HubSpot Service Hub starts at only 45 dollars a month. In this premium edition, you have access to a feature set that includes the following deliverables:

  • Simple automation 
  • Multiple ticket pipelines
  • Conversation routing

Service Hub Professional

The Professional tier for HubSpot Service Hub costs 360 dollars per month to start. You can expect:

  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Customer service automation
  • Knowledge base

Service Hub Enterprise

Enterprise solutions are $1200 each month at their starting price. At this point, you’ll be privy to:

  • Playbooks
  • User roles 
  • Team management

Main Features of HubSpot Service Hub

Not clear on what HubSpot Service Hub can do for you quite yet? Take a look at this breakdown of the Service Hub’s main features. 

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a self-service tool for customers who are looking for key information. 

With the Service Hub, you can convert frequently asked questions into searchable libraries of relevant media, from documentation to videos. 

In this way, customer support teams can spend less time doing manual labor to answer 

common questions. 

Customer Feedback Surveys

Collecting customer feedback is an important step in gauging customer happiness. Surveys on the Service Hub come in three forms:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) — a customer loyalty scale of 0-10 where companies evaluate how likely customers are to recommend your product or service to others 
  • Customer Effort Score (CES) — an automated customer support survey businesses use to inquire about how well they’re supporting customers on a scale of 1-7
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) — a customer satisfaction survey that asks the customer specific questions about the products and interactions they’ve had with your business 

There’s also an option to create custom surveys in the HubSpot Service Hub. 


Ticketing alludes to a ticket system where customers reach out about their issues and you manage and document the problem.

A laptop screen showing colorful admission tickets, suggesting ticket management or event booking concepts, overlaid on a background with abstract blue and yellow patterns.

In the Service Hub, you’ll be able to set up different pipelines for your tickets. 

You can categorize tickets based on whether the issue is internal and occurring within your organization or external, meaning outside consumers need support. 

Then, you can make sure the right person takes note of the matter and responds promptly.


Automation eliminates the need for tedious task handling. 

Using automation capabilities, you can automatically respond to dissatisfied customers. 
For example, if a customer survey shows that someone is unhappy, the Service Hub can create a ticket automatically.  

Later, your customer support team can their best to resolve the root cause. 
Similarly, you can use automation to enroll customers as survey recipients when a deal closes or initiate outreach at a scheduled point without even having to lift a finger. 


Reporting dashboards present actionable data for you to enhance your customer service. 

Maybe you want to see how many people are viewing your knowledge base or see a brief of your customer feedback reports in a quantitative way. 

You can even see how fast your team responds to tickets, check out how many tickets you have in total, and see how many tickets your team has closed altogether. 

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Why Should Use HubSpot Service Hub?

The most exciting thing about HubSpot Service Hub isn’t just its fruitful services and 24/7 support line. 

This is part of the appeal, definitely. But more than that, HubSpot seeks to gift you with education. 
Comprehensive marketing is a skill every business entity should learn and develop with care. 

Given that HubSpot’s one of the leaders in the industry, you can bet that HubSpot knows what they’re talking about. 
If you take their word of it, then rest assured that HubSpot Service Hub can be a fundamental source of business growth. 

But HubSpot Service Hub isn’t the only helping hand that’s worth looking into. 

Sometimes businesses need more than just tools to grow. They need people who can wield those tools effectively. 
At Trio, we not only deliver top-tier content and insights in software development but also offer the finest South American developers for outsourcing. Explore our talented Argentinean, Chilean, and Brazilian developers to elevate your projects today.

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