Built With Hubspot: 6 Examples of HubSpot CMS Websites

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Although HubSpot is young in comparison to other CMS solutions such as WordPress and Drupal, it’s definitely worth exploring. In less than three years – from 2007 to 2010 – HubSpot grew to become a multi-million dollar company with revenues reaching $15.6 million.

Now, roughly a decade later, more than 100,000 websites are built with HubSpot.

Here, you’ll learn about six HubSpot website examples:

  2. International TEFL Academy
  3. RocketSpace
  4. Qt
  5. SafeBreach
  6. Stellar Recruitment

Although competitors are still in the mainstream and often take up the majority of the market, nearly every objective comparison will maintain that HubSpot is the solution to any business’s blogging/content needs.

Still not convinced? Take a closer look at some HubSpot website examples and learn more about how HubSpot can help you.

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What Is HubSpot CMS?

HubSpot CMS is yet another content management system (CMS) comparable to popular platforms like WordPress or Joomla but with some notable differences in feature sets.

For example, with HubSpot, you can personalize content directly and target consumers. This extends to call-to-actions (CTAs), forms, and even emails.

You’ll also have the convenience of built-in search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations and A/B testing so you can stage multiple variations of your website live.

With qualified developers, you can create custom themes (or choose from the many premade themes available) as well as build apps to increase the functionality of your website.

Another favorite among HubSpot customers is the drag-and-drop tool, a component of HubSpot CMS’s design manager that makes putting together a website all the more simple.

These are only a few examples of what HubSpot can do for you. One of the best advantages you’ll get at HubSpot is not its CMS, however.

In addition to the CMS, HubSpot has a free customer-relationship management (CRM) tool, Many of its features are catered to boosting your marketing capacity, and can be integrated into your CMS.

There is a marketing, sales, and service hub as part of this package deal. You can map out the buyer’s journey for your buyer personas and create a rewarding experience for them through your website.

Why Build a Website with HubSpot CMS?

You’ll see many similar technologies to HubSpot and it’s important to be critical in assessing what does and does not belong in your tech stack. For instance, the main advantages of HubSpot have to do with its versatility without the need for extra bulk.

Other CMS platforms like WordPress, which objectively dominate the market – WordPress itself taking up 39% of the web – have tons of features, but there always seems to be a catch.

For instance, features of HubSpot related to SEO and combined publishing on social media are readily equipped as soon as you start using the platform. To compare, WordPress requires that you download additional plugins.

Other alternatives to both WordPress and HubSpot like Drupal or Joomla aren’t always the easiest to set up and can be a challenge for those who appreciate the ease involved in setting up a website in a matter of minutes.

What’s more, in the few times where you’ll find HubSpot doesn’t have what you need, you can integrate HubSpot apps into your website. And with the help of a few trusty developers, you can make an app yourself.

Top 6 HubSpot CMS Websites Examples

A collection of company logos which may represent partners, clients, or software and tools related to technology and development fields. 6 HubSpot CMS Websites

To get a better grasp on how exactly you can use the HubSpot CMS to your advantage, you’ll probably benefit from some live examples. Here are 6 HubSpot CMS website examples!


UBERDOC is a healthcare platform that prioritizes patient choice. They believe this strengthens the core of a doctor-patient relationship. The website and app also simplify the process by which patients make appointments and see specialists.

Trio HubSpot developers helped UBERDOC integrate their web application with HubSpot CRM in order to efficiently manage non-identifiable user data in their system in a two-way manner.

This enabled them to use HubSpot to prospect leads, chat with them, send marketing emails, and automatically synchronize the app with their website.

International TEFL Academy

TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. To do so, interested parties must earn a certification. For many, having a TEFL certification is the easiest way to travel abroad and visit new places.

Not only is the International TEFL Academy a great institution for English speakers to earn a TEFL certification, but its one of many great HubSpot CMS website examples serving tens of thousands of visitors.

If you visit the website, you’ll notice that it is not simply a blog, but hosts content of all types from an ‘About ITA’ page to several other tabs featuring course information, job resources, and videos.


RocketSpace is a tech company designed to make other tech companies thrive – specifically startups. The company’s industry of choice is coworking space, and through these spaces companies like Uber and Spotify have scaled tremendously.

On RocketSpace’s website, you’ll be confronted with a choose-your-own-adventure layout. Visitors can have a clear and visual presentation of their options whether that’s ‘Grow Your Startup’, ‘Fuel Corporate Innovation’, or ‘Accelerate With Purpose’. This example is all thanks to HubSpot CMS, of course.


Qt is a free, open-source toolkit providing an alternative means of developing software. It is marketed as a toolkit and maintains that its tools offer ‘everything you need for your entire software development life cycle.’

Creating graphical user interfaces and cross-platform applications is Qt’s specialty. However, it’s essential that such a company conveys its purpose effectively. By switching from WordPress to HubSpot some years ago, this objective was successfully accomplished.

Today, Qt utilizes the marketing automation that HubSpot extends as well as a more sleek and contemporary design that is intuitive to website visitors. By utilizing both of HubSpot’s marketing and content features, Qt serves as a great HubSpot website example.


SafeBreach allows you to simulate real attacks that threaten your environment. The goal of this is to spot and reduce risks. And companies as big as Netflix have appreciated the opportunity.

Several features of SafeBreach’s website attract and allure customers. For one, the home page greets you with moving text and images. These are juxtaposed by several contextual CTAs.

Pete Emerson, the Senior Web Design for SafeBreach asserts that “good design, user experience, and solid brand development are essential parts of the conversion funnel.”

Stellar Recruitment

Based in New Zealand and Australia, Stellar Recruitment is a trusted recruitment industry across nine industries including technology, construction, agriculture, corporate services, and more. Soon, you’ll find out why this HubSpot website example is worth mentioning.

Take note that Stellar Recruitment didn’t start off with a data-driven marketing strategy to generate leads. But with the help of HubSpot, their lead increased by a whopping 5037%! And that’s accompanied by a 229% increase in web traffic. Check out the case study to learn more.

How Much Does HubSpot CMS Cost?

HubSpot CMS, formally called, CMS Hub is priced at two tiers – Professional and Enterprise. You’ll get some free tools at each tier, including HubSpot’s CRM features. This summary will give you an overview of what each tier can offer.

For $300 a month or the equivalent of $3,600 a year, you can purchase a Professional subscription. At the Professional tier you’ll get features such as:

  • conversational bots
  • ads management
  • traffic reports
  • a content delivery network (CDN)
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • forms
  • CTAs
  • design manager

The Enterprise subscription is priced at $900 a month, which totals to $10,800 for the whole year. Using the Enterprise tier you’ll get the same features as the Professional tier plus some extras like:

  • memberships
  • content partitioning
  • reverse proxy support
  • custom CDN configuration
  • dynamic page testing
  • code alerts

How To Hire the Right Developer(s) To Build a Website on Hubspot CMS

Having HubSpot on your side is an important step in optimizing your business growth. However, this is not the only step. In fact, it’s far from it. While HubSpot is a good tool, ultimately you need professionals who are able to use tools effectively for the success of any project.

This is where developers come in. A qualified developer will be able to create a HubSpot website for you from scratch or migrate your existing content. When you feel lacking, they’ll be able to build apps to integrate into your website and improve its functionality.

And without a doubt, they’ll have the knowledge to boost your marketing strategy in more ways than one. You’ll see results in no time.

To hire a developer, you must have fundamental intel on how to interview and screen candidates, evaluate their critical thinking skills, and translate their skills on paper to HubSpot expertise.

Looking for advice? Read this guide on how to hire remote developers. Trio can also give you a brief insider look at the process we use to hire developers. 

How Trio Hires HubSpot Developers

Although Trio specializes in hiring HubSpot developers, we recognize that HubSpot is a relatively new technology. As such, there are not many developers out there who are specialized in HubSpot.

That said, content management systems have been around for a good bit of time and to that end, professional CMS developers. Daniel Alcanja, one of the founders at Trio, finds those developers and “brings them to Trio”.

Then, Trio sets them up with courses, guides, and extensive documentation to essentially become HubSpot experts. At the end of this intensive training, they earn official HubSpot certifications to back up their skills.

An image of a card or certificate with the title

While this methodology may work for Trio, it also illuminates some difficulties you might experience in hiring your own developers. One: there aren’t many HubSpot developers out there. Two: for that reason, if you want your own HubSpot developers you might have to train them.

It’s up to you to decide how to form your software development team. But the process takes time and can be challenging to implement.

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What sets HubSpot apart from other CMS platforms of its kind is its expansive nature. Calling HubSpot a CMS is a misnomer of sorts. Though not inaccurate, the term implies that HubSpot is only good for building blogs where it can do so much more.

As you glimpsed from several HubSpot website examples, the CMS is capable of re-envisioning your marketing strategy for the better and promoting long-term growth through clever features and functionality.

Not surprisingly, you need some pocket change to manifest these changes. And developers too! But you won’t be wasting any time or money.

Trio can train qualified HubSpot developers who are familiar with its potential, how to manage it, and magnify its effects.

Tired of searching for developers? Trio is right here and ready to step in and make things easy for you. Hire HubSpot developers at Trio. You can be the next HubSpot website example. 

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