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Why hire a Trio iOS Developer?

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Looking to build your next app for Apple’s iOS platform? Trio is staffed with a full-time roster of highly experienced developers who specialize in developing mobile apps on iOS. We can help take your mobile-minded dreams to reality by taking into account what kind of app you are looking to build and what time frame you are looking to build it in. By understanding what you are trying to build on iOS, we can appropriately assign which of our developers fit your criteria to lend support in building your project. 

Why build your app on iOS?

Powering a large portion of the western worlds mobile experience, Apple’s iOS is the second largest mobile operating system in the world in terms of users. Though a runner-up to Android, iOS has proven to be home to a very lucrative market of consumers. In fact, it’s shown that iOS users spend twice as much on in-app purchases as Android users.

It makes sense to build your app to take advantage of this profitable mobile ecosystem, but it’s also an excellent candidate due to how versatile it is with a wide-range of devices it supports. iOS is available on iPhone and iPad devices, allowing apps to be accessed on both phones and tablets.

The iOS platform offers Apple’s App Store to connect mobile users with your app through search functions, categories and promotional content from Apple such as “Editors Choice” awards. If you create a quality app that has real demand, and take the effort to distribute it and market it in the App Store, it’s fair to say you are on your way to getting customers using your app. 

Apple goes out of their way to make In-App purchases seamless in their App Store ecosystem, allowing users to purchase in-app content at the push of a button. All of this combines together to create a mobile ecosystem that facilitates distributing and monetizing your mobile app, making iOS a great choice for development platform. 

What about maintaining iOS Apps? 

If only having an iOS app were as simple as publishing it to the App Store and letting your profits roll in, sadly most of us know that isn’t the case. Building a mobile-based business requires maintenance and consistent development in order to stay relevant. Whether you are looking to have bugs fixed, optimize performance, or push feature updates in order to stay ahead of the competition, maintaining your iOS app is a constant process. The fact of the matter is, you have to maintain support of your app to adapt to new versions of iOS, and ensure old versions still work over time. The resources this requires add up - in fact, initial development of an app only makes up 35% of the cost of having a mobile app

Constant improvements is something that consumers come to expect, it’s vital that you ensure your iOS app doesn’t remain stagnant. Tracking performance, and measuring what features aligns with the priorities of your customers needs allow you to craft a development roadmap that yields the most success. Balancing user expectations with your ability to meet them through a refined app is key here, it’s a large undertaking that is necessary to build a profitable mobile app that delivers real value to your customers. 

Get started sooner rather than later

Now that we’ve covered the general landscape of developing for iOS, why not get your project started with the help of Trio? Utilize our team of full-time iOS developers to take care of your mobile app needs. By keeping our staff full-time, we can have developers ready for your project in days, not months. With portfolios that cover all aspects of developing for iOS, our developers can help you build and launch your app, provide performance audits, build features, or lend a hand to your development team. It’s worth getting the conversation started today, we can help you ensure you are proud of your iOS app. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a Trio developer is easy. Simply click the button in the navigation bar to get started and fill out the form. Once submitted, we will contact you to schedule a time to call and discuss your project in further detail. From there, we will set up a meeting between you and the developer for you to get to know them. After you accept the developer for the project and sign the contract, the developer begins working.
You can have a Trio developer working on your project as soon as we sign a contract. Once the contract is signed, we will allocate our developer to be in contact with you via your company’s slack or Trio’s client slack.
Trio offers clients the opportunity to work with one of our developers for 2 weeks free at no risk to see whether they are a good fit for your team. Should the developer meet your expectations, we will continue to work under the signed contract agreement.