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Why Outsource Peruvian Developers with Trio?

Cost Reduction

Hiring software engineers in Latam, offers significant savings not just in direct salary expenses but also in overhead employment costs, including recruitment, training, and long-term staff-related obligations.

Enhanced Expertise

Gain immediate access to specialized, time-zone aligned, professionals in Latam with a proven track record, ensuring your projects are managed efficiently and effectively, and delivered on time and in budget.

Focus on Core Business

By delegating technical development, you can concentrate on strategic priorities, propelling growth and fostering innovation, as outsourced specialists manage the intricacies of software development.

Flexible Scaling

Outsourcing Peruvian developers enhances business agility, allowing for swift expansion or downsizing of teams as needed, simplifying operational management and adapting to market demands with ease.

Seamless Integration

Trio senior developers seamlessly integrate with your existing teams, instantly augmenting their capabilities, capacity, and driving faster progress in both team development and product innovation.

How does Trio work?


Tell us what kind of Developer you need

A Trio Partner Experience Manager will work closely with you to understand your technical needs and gather detailed information about your current team and


Work with hand-picked talent

Once our team has identified strong candidates that fit your team based on the details we gathered, we’ll present a list of senior ReactJS developer profiles for your project.

Trio developer profiles are extremely detailed and transparent in order to save you time evaluating candidates. You’ll still be able to screen candidates before hiring if you wish.


Guaranteed excellence

As soon you review and sign off on a senior React developer, our team will work with you to onboard and manage them for the duration of their tenure.

Our team is committed to delivering excellence as a plug-and-play engineering department that provides long-term stability and generates a positive impact to our partners.

What is Trio?

Only senior developers that deliver impact

Trio provides only the best senior React developers in Latin America across the most popular and stable web technologies. We focus on building processes that allow us to source, identify and manage senior developers that integrate and deliver real impact to your company.

Fully integrated, fully committed

Unlike freelance developers who do not feel the need to be committed to a team beyond their tasks, Trio’s senior React developers integrate on a full-time basis and are dedicated to working with your team for the long haul. They collaborate in meaningful ways and understand how their work ties into the big picture.

Get more done with experienced developers

Our core strength lies in our ability to enhance your current teams with senior developers who have the experience and capabilities to drive your roadmap forward in a way that less experienced developers simply cannot do.


Trio operates primarily in Latin America which shares favorable time-zone alignments across the entire United States. You’ll be able to collaborate easier with senior React developers that are available when you are, and eager to work with you remotely.

Find Experts in Similar Time Zones

Trio seamlessly bridges the gap between your business and exceptional nearshore Software Development talent.

The level of quality that Trio brings to our team is unmatched. We've worked with lots of different technology vendors, and no one else has been able to provide the same quality of work, while also working within our startup budget, that Trio has.

Brianna Socci

Co-Founder & COO of UBERDOC

Trio understands modern engineering which allows them to find high-quality individuals seeking opportunities to challenge themselves and develop new skills. Their engineers have the highest potential and have surpassed our expectations when taking the chance on them.

Brandon Chinn

Sr. Director of Product Engineering @ Tally

Trio is able to match us with the exact front-end and back-end developers we need. There's never been something we wanted that Trio wasn't able to deliver via their team. Their communication is excellent. They're prompt, clear, and highly available.

Meridith Harold

Founder & CEO of The Informed SLP

Trio's team has been outstanding when communicating with our team. We've worked with several of Trio's developers and each one was closely involved in all operations of our business, beyond just technological development.

Alec Harrison

Co-Founder of Visual Boston

Simple and easy. Always made themselves available. When questions would arise, documented options would be presented with pros and cons of each option. Made it very easy to work through issues.

Brian Kludas

VP of Client Success @ Axiom Sales Kinetics

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Alex Kugell

Co-Founder of Trio

With over 10 years of experience in software outsourcing, Alex has assisted in building high-performance teams before co-founding Trio with his partner Daniel. Today he enjoys helping people hire the best software developers from Latin America and writing great content on how to do that!

Hiring Top Software Developers in Peru: Your Guide to Outsourcing Talent

Are you trying to bring your ideas to life but finding that hiring a developer is far too expensive? This is just one of many issues that you might run into when trying to hire someone locally.

Hiring someone from Latin America is a great solution to many of these issues. Countries like Peru offer top-tier talent at a far lower cost than you might be able to find elsewhere.

Let’s dive into how you can find a software developer from Peru to help you build your web or mobile app, and all of the other benefits that you might be able to enjoy.

How to Find and Hire Top Software Developers in Peru

Hiring the Best Peruvian Developers for Your Project

Peruvian developers, like those of any other country, have a wide range of skills and experience. Some are definitely better than others.

However, there are some things you can do to ensure that you hire the best possible Peruvian software developers.

This includes a rigorous screening process, looking at the portfolios of all applicants, going through their references and actually following up with them, conducting interviews and testing, and much more.

If you want to hire a Peruvian developer, this can be a very time-consuming process. However, companies like Trio can get this all done for you.

Simply reach out to us with your outsourcing or staff augmentation requirements. We have a group of developers ready and can set you up with someone who is not only affordable but has all the coding abilities that will be needed for your project.

Many of our developers have over five years of experience in various technologies, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle complex projects.

If you decide to hire Peruvian developers through us, we can also connect you with someone in minimal time. This means that your web development, or mobile app development, can continue with minimal delays.

Exploring the Talent Pool in Peru for Software Development

Peru’s talent pool is filled with developers skilled in a variety of different programming languages and technologies.

Skilled developers can be found in Java and Python, front-end and back-end development, and anything in between.

Many of these developers have graduated from prestigious institutions like the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and several other universities known for their strong emphasis on technical education and innovation.

The country’s robust education infrastructure ensures that these institutions consistently produce highly skilled and knowledgeable software developers.

Cost of Hiring Software Developers from Peru

One of the most compelling reasons to hire from Peru is the cost advantage. The average salary for a software developer in Peru is significantly lower than in North America.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a software developer in Peru is around $16,000, depending on the exchange rate, compared to $129,976 in the United States.

A software developer in Peru earns an average that is highly competitive when considering the quality of work and the cost savings, making Peruvian developers an attractive option for budget-conscious companies.

Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development to Peru

Advantages of Nearshore Software Development in Peru

Nearshoring to Peru provides the convenience of working with a team in a similar time zone.

This proximity reduces the challenges associated with asynchronous communication, allowing for real-time collaboration and faster project turnaround times.

Moreover, frequent direct flights between major North American cities and Lima facilitate occasional in-person meetings if needed.

By choosing Peru for software development outsourcing, companies can leverage these advantages to enhance their project outcomes and efficiency.

Many businesses choose to outsource their software development to Peru for nearshore development due to these compelling factors, ensuring high-quality results at a fraction of the cost.

Reasons to Hire Peruvian Software Engineers

As already mentioned, it can be cheaper to consider Peru for your software development needs due to the lower cost of living in Peru.

Then, there are no issues with the time difference that you might get if you were hiring a developer in, for example, India.

But, one of the biggest reasons why tech companies like to hire software developers in Peru is because of their strong work ethic and commitment to quality that is compatible with that of all other software developers in Latin America.

Comparing Costs: Hiring Developers in Peru vs. Other Markets

We have already covered the difference in cost between hiring a US developer and a Peruvian developer. But how does the cost compare to that of other outsourcing destinations?

If you select a developer in India for your software outsourcing, you can expect to pay an average of $11,000 per year. If you decide to outsource to an Eastern European company, it will be almost four times that.

This still makes hiring top talent from Peru one of the cheapest options. Also, the slight increase in cost compared to India is often offset by the potential time zone differences and cultural barriers that might be challenging.

When hiring LATAM developers, particularly from Peru, you benefit from competitive rates and reduced logistical challenges, making it a strategic choice for many companies.

Setting Up a Remote Development Team in Peru

Understanding the Local Software Development Scene in Peru

In order to set up a remote development team in Peru, you need to understand what the local software development scene looks like.

Like many of the other LATAM countries, Peru’s tech scene is rapidly growing. This has resulted in a strong startup culture in Peru, and big cities like Lima and Arequipa have turned into tech hubs and innovation centers.

This has also been encouraged by government support and incentives for tech startups, encouraging foreign investment in the sector.

Additionally, educational institutions like the National University of Engineering have been pivotal in producing skilled graduates ready to contribute to this dynamic tech ecosystem.

Peru ranks highly among Latin American countries for its commitment to developing a robust tech infrastructure and fostering a conducive environment for tech innovation.

Spanish, the official language in Peru, is widely spoken, but many developers are also proficient in English, making communication with international clients.

The country’s information and communications technology sector is expanding rapidly, further bolstering its reputation as a prime location for software development and innovation.

How to Hire and Onboard Remote Software Developers from Peru

Setting up a remote software development team in Peru is straightforward with the right partners.

The hiring process for remote developers in Peru is fairly simple and not unlike that of any other country.

First, you need to identify the developer that you are planning to hire. We have briefly discussed this above already. Here at Trio, we can facilitate this process for you, ensuring that you hire the best talent quickly and efficiently.

If you are not going through an agency like Trio, make sure that you conduct interviews thoroughly and that you test both soft and hard skills, like communication skills and programming abilities.

Once you have selected your programmer and signed the required contracts, you need to integrate them into your team. This involves setting expectations and regularly checking in to ensure that they are a good fit for you and that they are being productive.

If you are planning to hire developers from Peru, choosing the right hiring model is crucial, whether it be full-time, part-time, or project-based, to meet your specific needs effectively.

Time Zone Considerations when Working with Developers in Peru

The time zone that Peru is in overlaps with much of North America. However, this does not mean that it will overlap perfectly with your company.

Make sure that you double-check where you overlap and that you set working hours that align closely. This will enable real-time communication and will let you make decisions immediately.

The Rise of Peru as a Software Development Hub

Exploring the Startup Culture and Tech Initiatives in Peru

As already discussed, Peru is making significant strides in the tech industry and developing a strong startup culture and outsourcing industry.

This is further encouraged by initiatives like Startup Peru, which drives innovation and attracts top tech talent.

The rapidly growing number of software development companies and a supportive ecosystem have made Peru one of the leading destinations for outsourcing software development.

The private sector has also played a crucial role in this growth, with numerous companies investing in tech startups and providing the necessary resources for innovation.

Peru is also gaining international recognition for its educational institutions, which produce highly skilled developers, contributing to the country’s reputation as a prime location for tech talent.

What Makes Peru an Attractive Destination for Outsourcing Software Development

Peru’s competitive edge lies in its blend of affordability, talent, and favorable business environment.

The combination of these factors creates an ideal scenario for outsourcing software development. Companies can achieve significant cost savings while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency.

Peru’s Competitive Edge: Best Developers for US Companies

For US companies, hiring developers from Peru offers a strategic advantage.

The geographical proximity, cultural compatibility, and high level of English proficiency make Peruvian developers an excellent choice for North American businesses.

Trio stands ready to help you navigate this promising market. We provide comprehensive development services, connecting you with skilled Peruvian developers who can meet your project needs efficiently and affordably.

Empower Your Projects with Top Peruvian Talent

Discover the future of development with Trio. Connect with Peru’s finest developers and elevate your tech capabilities. Let’s innovate together. Start your journey with us today!

Seamless Tech Solutions with Peruvian Experts

Tap into Peruvian brilliance with Trio. Expert developers, one click away. Transform your project now.

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