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I’ve always been blown away by Reddit, it’s a website that is used for so many different reasons, by such a vast array of different users. With the amount of content they host, it makes sense they dub themselves “the front page of the internet”. It has an extremely dedicated user-base, its redditors who power the entire experience through content curation and insightful discussions. It’s safe to say most people know somebody who’s scarily addicted to Reddit, and it only makes sense with its ability to entertain, inform, and even allow users to do things like find jobs throughout the various subreddits.

If you are looking for a skilled software developer online, it’s best to check out all the options and see what works for you. You might only use it to watch cat videos or read the latest news now, but did you know somewhere like Reddit could be a great place to start your search for a great software developer? The community has a fairly large proportion of experienced software developers who use the website to find work on software projects, and even collaborate on startups. There’s many ways to connect with these individuals through Reddit, whether it’s on specific subreddits, or in general through engaging in discussions. In this article we’ll focus on some different subreddits you can use to begin your search for your next freelancer or full-time developer. Understanding how you can utilize Reddit to jumpstart your project is key to unlocking its full potential.


Let’s start with the most basic subreddit for finding a developer. This is one of the earliest places to find and post jobs on Reddit, hosting a very active community. Technically this is a place for all kinds of work, but it does seem largely concentrated on software developers and other technical roles like UX designers. This subreddit is a bit of a free-for-all, but there are a few rules to follow on it that are enforced by their active moderation team to maintain the quality of the subreddit. Job seekers can make posts titles (FOR HIRE) listing their credentials, skills and project portfolios. There are a lot of front-end and back-end web developers on here, but it’s not uncommon to see iOS or Android developers. If somebody has a project where they need to hire they can make posts under (HIRING), listing details surrounding the work that needs to be completed and expected compensation. This is a great place to start your search for developers because it’s such a large and active subreddit, oftentimes non-technical talent to help your business can also be obtained here like graphic designers or copywriters.

r/INAT (I Need a Team)

Collaboration is the key-focus of this subreddit. This community is dedicated to allowing startup founders and anybody working on a development project to have a place to assemble a team. Posting project details allows like-minded users who have common interests to connect and collaborate on projects. What’s awesome about this subreddit is it essentially has limitless potential for what users can build together. For the most part this subreddit is dominated by developers, with a small handful of graphic designers thrown into the mix. A lot of the projects posted on here could be considered hobbyist or passion projects with a key focus on game development, but there are still a lot of more focused business projects that arise on here. This subreddit really shows how much potential for networking and collaboration the modern internet has allowed us, it’s truly fascinating to see communities form that truly empower their users to work together to create something.


This ones for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there. This is a subreddit-based job board quite similar to r/forhire, but all jobs posted here are paid out in Bitcoin. This community is strictly limited to Bitcoin as a payment option (for alternative digital currencies see slightly less-active r/Jobs4Crypto), so if you prefer paying with cryptocurrency this is the place for you. The one caveat to this subreddit is that most of the jobs posted here are almost all blockchain projects, so keep that in mind when posting a job here as a lot of the developers have skills catered towards that. Having a resource like this is perfect if you are building something in the blockchain-related, as most developers that are interested in blockchain are 100% okay with being paid in Bitcoin. If you have a significant amount of bitcoin that was purchased before the huge value-surge of 2017, this can be an excellent option for launching your project on a lean budget.

If you are interested in blockchain technology, check out one of our developers blog post about 5 Industries Successfully Utilizing Blockchain.

Why not try networking and reaching out?

Oftentimes the best connections can be made on Reddit by engaging in, and reading discussions in a multitude of subreddits that might be relevant to your project. There are a lot of different subreddits that aren’t dedicated to hiring where experienced software developers spend a lot of time. It’s very possible to connect directly with some of these people by discussing subjects with them, and sending them personal messages to see if they are interested in work. Most users on Reddit are quite receptive to friendly messages reaching out, and it can’t hurt to try and meet your next developer this way. Some specific communities that are great for meeting candidates for your online hire are r/programmingr/webdevr/gamedevr/RemoteWork, and r/freelance. The options for places to meet developers isn’t limited to these subreddits, but they are great places to start. Try getting involved with communities on Reddit that are relevant to your interests in technology and you will likely meet people who align with your needs in a developer.

Some would rather streamline the hiring process … 

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