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Distinguishing itself as a true powerhouse for enterprise grade applications, Node.js has made a name for itself as a truly fast, cross-platform enabled development environment. Some of the biggest brands and enterprise customers use Node.js to power their digital businesses, and the overwhelming support doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Built upon Google Chromes V8 engine, Node is the answer to large-scale backend systems in Javascript. Not actually acting as a framework, rather a runtime environment for Javascript, Node makes the challenges of designing, creating and deploying applications that use server-side processing a lot easier. 

Why Node.js? 

Node serves to streamline server-side processing on web-apps, allowing them to handle massive amounts of individual data while remaining stable at the same time. By utilizing the Javascript programming language to power it’s runtime environment, Node leverages the modern features of Javascript to make back-end development much more simple. 

Over time Node has received immense long-term support in the form of performance updates and security fixes, this is most definitely an attractive aspect for enterprise-grade clients. Knowing the infrastructure your companies web-services are built on are going to remain supported for the long-term future is a huge selling point when deciding on which type of backend environment the development team will use. 

Node is approachable by teams looking to build smaller projects on it as well, it has a strong reputation for making server-side processing and back-end infrastructure remarkably easy if you already have some expertise in Javascript. Thus, if you are a startup looking to deploy a backend-heavy webapp, don’t hesitate to do so with Node. 

Who’s using Node? 

We say Node is trusted, but by who? Let’s take a look at a few examples of companies doing big things by using Node for their backend development:

  • Paypal
  • Netflix
  • Wal-Mart 
  • Mozilla
  • Uber
  • LinkedIn
  • Trello

It’s fair to say that these are all household names for most people, it’s a testament to Node how many of these Fortune 500 companies use it for their back end programming. But what is it about Node that makes it the de-facto choice for a lot of companies? 

Luckily that question isn’t that hard to answer, a lot of these companies have come out and publicly discussed their experiences with Node. Paypal, a company that handles massive amount of transactions everyday has attributed faster performance to Node’s backend capabilities, while Netflix had success using Node to reduce startup times on their app so their 140 million subscribers can watch their content faster. One of the largest American banks, Capital One, even heralded Node as a source of massively increased responsiveness within their app. 

It’s clear why most of these companies are leaning on Node to handle their backend operations, it’s fast.In a world of web-apps for everything you can think of, a lot of data is being sent back and forth between servers and client-side. Node has demonstrated that utilizing its framework can speed up this server-side processing and data-transfers immensely. 

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Need a hand with your backend development? Our team of trained, highly-experienced software engineers have the skills you need to get your project done in a way that balances quality and speed. We maintain a team of full-time developers operating in a US-friendly timezone, with a diverse range of skills to meet your diverse project needs. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be hard, we make contracting one of our developers simple, allowing you to start your project in days, not weeks. See how we can lend a hand with your upcoming Node.js project by starting a conversation with us today.

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